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A flip page effect is a software GUI effect that visually shows a representation of a newspaper, book or leaflet as virtual paper pages that can be turned manually.

This effect was originally introduced as a flipping book effect in Macromedia Flash applications in the late 1990s but has been evolving rapidly ever since. Flash applications or Shockwave Flash files have the .swf file extension which is commonly pronounced swif. Hence the alternate name swiflet using the swif and the let from leaf-/booklet in combination.

Flip page effects can be used both online and offline and are usually created automatically from text files such as Microsoft Word Documents or Adobe PDF format. There are many solutions that help create flip page effects automatically. Some offer only the online version of the effects, such as 3D Issue,[1] Issuu,[2] Flipsnack,[3] ePageView[4] and ePaperFlip[5] or both versions, online and offline, such as Pressmo [6][7][8][9], FlippingBook[10] and InstantFlipbook[11]

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