The Conglomerate (American group)

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The Conglomerate
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Hip hop, Rap
Years active 1996–Present
Labels Conglomerate Records
Past members Busta Rhymes
Spliff Star
Reek Da Villian
Seige Monstracity
DJ Ice Cold
Nikki Grier
Lonny Bereal
DJ Scrachator
Lord Have Mercy
Roc Marciano
M. Dollars
Show Money
Rah Digga
Baby Sham
Chauncey Black

The Conglomerate (formerly Flipmode Squad) is a production crew and musical group, founded and fronted by rapper Busta Rhymes. The first Flipmode album debuted in 1998 with The Imperial, Rampage and Rah Digga went on to record solo efforts. In the move to J Records in 2000, Lord Have Mercy left Flipmode Squad in preference of a solo career in 2000, feeling that Busta was holding him down.[1][2] The original line up also included Serious, who after quickly leaving would later produce for artists on No Limit Records, and later acts like Show Money and M. Dollars who were signed to the label as independent artists. Underground MC Roc Marciano would also be signed to the label for a number of years before going the independent route.

A second Flipmode Squad release, Rulership Movement, was set for release in 2003 on J Records, but because of the label change to Aftermath it was never released. It was announced that the album might be released sometime in 2009,J-MOE was in the group until he went solo. The founding member, Busta Rhymes later joined Dr. Dre's Aftermath label in 2006, and Rah Digga & Spliff Star appeared alongside Busta in the "Touch It (Remix)" video. Rah Digga left the Flipmode Squad amicably a couple of years later and directed her solo career. Spliff Star continued to collaborate in forming the Conglomerate with Busta, along with founding his own label. DJ Scratchator left Flipmode/The Conglomerate in 2009 but returned in 2011 with the new movement taking form. Reek da Villian left Flipmode in 2009, but because of business reasons, he then headed to the Conglomerate, as well. Various members continued to record with each other. Busta signed with Cash Money Records in 2011, taking his business there with him. As the Conglomerate, an official mixtape was released in 2012.


Studio albums[edit]

  • 1998: The Imperial


  • 2002: Arsenal For The Streets pt. 1
  • 2003: Arsenal For The Streets pt. 2 (The Full Court Press)
  • 2007: The Facelift pt. 1
  • 2007: The Full Course Meal
  • 2012: Catastrophic (as newly formed Conglomerate)