Flipper pie

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Flipper pie
Type Meat pie
Place of origin Canada
Region or state Newfoundland and Labrador
Main ingredients Harp seal flippers
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Flipper pie is a traditional Eastern Canadian meat pie made from harp seal flippers. It is similar to a pot pie in that the seal flippers are cooked with vegetables in a thick sauce and then covered with pastry.[1] It is specific to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and primarily eaten in April and May, during the annual seal hunt.[2]. Although in the past seal flippers were usually acquired directly from the boats that were used for the seal hunt (since they were considered a by-product of the seal fur trade), today they are usually purchased in grocery stores. [3] Taste-wise, seal meat has been described as being akin to rabbit or dark meat chicken, and fans of its flavour tend to be people who grew up eating it.[4]

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