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Flipswap, Inc.
Founded Rockville, Maryland (November 2004)
Founder Sohrob Farudi
Cyrus Farudi
Rahmeen Farudi
Edo Cohen
Andrew Berman
Headquarters Torrance, California,
United States
Area served
Website flipswap.com

Flipswap Inc. was a company [1] headquartered in Torrance, California.

Flipswap acquired mobile phones in order to resell them or recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner through various free and eco-friendly services. Flipswap partners with a wide array of retailers, e-tailers, device manufacturers and websites. Flipswap offered trade-in services for instant store credit at more than 6,000 participating retail locations

In 2008 Flipswap raised $14M in series B funding from RRE Ventures and NGEN Partners [2]

In February 2011, AT&T began offering Flipswap services through all its corporate retail locations [3]

In 2012, FlipSwap was acquired by eRecyclingCorps. [4]


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