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Flisa is a small town in south-eastern Norway, and the administrative centre of Åsnes municipality. Its population as of 1 January 2012 is 1,623.[1]

For some time the log driver statue was the town's only landmark. In recent years however, attractions such as the world's longest wooden bridge and the world's tallest toothpick have been built. The latter because Norway's largest producer of toothpicks is located nearby.

Despite its low population, Flisa has a variety of shops of diverse kinds that are located along the town's main street, Kaffegata (in English: The Coffee Street).

In the summer, Flisa is plagued with mosquitoes; they are actually quite famous in Åsnes and are usually referred to as Flisa Mygg (Flisa Mosquitoes).

Of notable persons from Flisa, tropical house DJ and producer Matoma is the most famous.

Coordinates: 60°37′N 12°04′E / 60.617°N 12.067°E / 60.617; 12.067