Flixton Road Mill, Bungay

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The Tower Mill, Bungay
Bungay, Flixton Road Mill.jpg
The converted mill, August 2006
Mill name Flixton Road Mill
Mill location TM 339 890
Coordinates 52°26′55″N 1°26′35″E / 52.44861°N 1.44306°E / 52.44861; 1.44306Coordinates: 52°26′55″N 1°26′35″E / 52.44861°N 1.44306°E / 52.44861; 1.44306
Operator(s) Private
Year built 1830
Purpose Corn mill
Type Tower mill
Storeys Six storeys
No. of sails Four Sails
Type of sails Patent sails
Winding Fantail
Auxiliary power Engine
No. of pairs of millstones Three pairs
Year lost 1920s

Flixton Road Mill is a tower mill at Bungay, Suffolk, England which has been truncated and converted to residential accommodation. The structure is a Grade II listed building.[1]


Flixton Road Mill was built in 1830. It worked by wind until 1918 when it was struck by lightning. Later, it was truncated by one storey and converted to residential accommodation.[2]


Flixton Road Mill was a six storey tower mill with a boat shaped cap. It had four Patent sails[2] of ten bays[3] and was winded by a fantail. There was a stage at second floor level and the mill drove three pairs of millstones.[2] Auxiliary power was by an engine, with the external drive belt enclosed in a wooden casing.[3]


  • Frederick Robert Burtsal 1868-74

Reference for above:-[4]


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