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COA Fljotsdalsheradur.png
Coat of arms of Fljótsdalshreppur
Fljotsdalshreppur map.png
Location of the municipality
Fljótsdalshreppur is located in Iceland
65°49′48″N 15°30′0″W / 65.83000°N 15.50000°W / 65.83000; -15.50000Coordinates: 65°49′48″N 15°30′0″W / 65.83000°N 15.50000°W / 65.83000; -15.50000
Region Eastern Region
Constituency Northeast Constituency
Manager Gunnþórunn Ingólfsdóttir
Area 1,516 km2 (585 sq mi)
Population 68
Density 0.05/km2 (0.13/sq mi)
Municipal number 7505
Website fljotsdalur.is

Fljótsdalshreppur is a municipality in Iceland. The power house of Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant is located in Fljótsdalur. The author Gunnar Gunnarsson was born in Fljótsdalur and in 1939 built a house at Skriðuklaustur designed by German architect Fritz Höger.


The municipality is located in the valley Fljótsdalur (Valley of the River) close to the glacier of Vatnajökull, to the lake of Lagarfljót and south of the forest of Hallormstaður. Hengifoss, the third highest waterfall in Iceland, 128 meters, is located in Hengifossá in Fljótsdalshreppur.