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Flo Ankah
Floanne at Harmonie Club.jpg
Performing at the Harmonie Club, Nov 2014
Florence Annequin

Other namesFloanne
CitizenshipFrance and United States
  • Actor
  • singer
  • filmmaker
  • producer
  • comedian

Flo Ankah (born Florence Annequin) is a French and naturalized American actress,[1] filmmaker, and singer residing in New York City. She founded Simple Production in 2006.


Starring in Loving the Silent Tears, at the Shrine Auditorium, LA - Oct 2012


Flo Ankah has appeared in film (Listen Up Philip, Then She Found Me) and television (One Life to Live). She stars in the Broadway-style musical Loving the Silent Tears, directed by Vincent Paterson, at the Shrine Auditorium[2] Her solo show Edith Piaf Alive premiered at Joe's Pub in the Public Theater. She has also performed for artists such as Mina Nishimura,[3][4] and Meredith Monk (at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum).[5] Her voice has been featured as a voice artist in feature films (Magic in the Moonlight, Stillwater, My Old Lady, The Limits of Control) and numerous television commercials. Alumna of the Atlantic Acting School, and member of the Academy of Television Arts and Science in 2017.


Known as the French songstress Floanne, she performs with Jazz musicians in the nightclub scene, including Joe's Pub, Feinstein's/54 Below and Symphony Space. She has appeared solo at the Museum of Modern Art, Bryant Park and the New York Botanical Garden. Her interpretation of "Michelle" from The Beatles is the 75th release of The Beatles Complete on Ukulele.[6]


One Way and Waterfront Access? are Flo Ankah's first award-winning films. She started with choreography, showing her work at Movement Research at the Judson Church, HERE Arts Center, and Dixon Place. Flo Ankah was a resident playwright of Athena Writes 2018 and is an alumna of the Kennedy Center Playwriting intensive.


Flo Ankah is the voice for the French version of Vice News Tonight. Her film essay When Will Women Lead Storytelling in Hollywood[7] was published on the Clyde Fitch Report, and she is the editor of The Little Movie.[8]


Winning Best experimental film at the Big Apple Film Festival, 2008


  • Out of the Box - (2018) 10-mins play, Athena Writes Fellowship[9]

Solo Performance

  • Edith Piaf Alive - (2012) a play about the Little Sparrow,[10] Joe's Pub.
  • Love is French - (2013) a modern twist to vintage tunes, Miami-Dade County Auditorium.
  • April in Paris - (2016) a musical tribute to the French spirit,[11] Feinstein's/54 Below.

Art House Film

  • ONE WAY[12] - (2008) Best Experimental Film, 5th Big Apple Film Festival
  • Waterfront Access?[13] - (2010) Golden Reel Award, Tiburon International Film Festival[14]


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