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Float may refer to:

  • Concrete float, a finishing tool for smoothing wet concrete surfaces
  • Valve float, a condition of an internal combustion engine

Finance and economics[edit]

  • Float (money supply)
  • Public float, the total number of shares publicly owned and available for trading, after subtracting restricted shares from the total outstanding shares.
  • An initial public offering (IPO) can be referred to as a stock market float, particularly in British English.
  • A cash float is the money in a cash register needed at the beginning of a trading period in order to give change to customers.


Marine and fishing-related[edit]

  • Float (nautical), one of usually multiple air-filled structures giving buoyancy to a pontoon boat, floatplane, seaplane, etc.
  • Fishing float, a bite indicator used in angling
  • Fishing net float, small floats attached along one side of the net so that it hangs vertically in the water
  • Glass float, a type of large float used to keep fishing nets or droplines afloat
  • Profiling float


  • Float (horse-drawn), a form of two-wheeled horse-drawn cart with a low loadbed
  • Float or horse float, also known as horse trailer
  • Float (parade), a decorated vehicle or moving platform, could be animal- or man-drawn or motorized, used in a festive parade
  • Milk float, a small battery electric vehicle specifically designed for the delivery of fresh milk
  • Float shifting, or "floating gears", the practice of shifting gears on a manual transmission without using the clutch.

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