Floats (drink)

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Type soft drink/dairy
Manufacturer Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Country of origin United States
Introduced 2008
Related products A&W Root Beer, Sunkist

Floats are a beverage line introduced by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group in January 2008. Two flavors are available, A&W Float and Sunkist Float. The purpose of the concept is to mimic the flavor of an ice cream float of a given soda. Thus, the A&W flavor is intended to taste like a root beer float, while the latter is comparable to an orange creamsicle or Sunkist float.

The drinks are creamy in nature and contain little carbonation, and no caffeine. Ingredients include skim milk, cream, and nitrous oxide to create foam. While it is recommended that they be served chilled, refrigeration of Floats is not mandatory. Available in 11.5-ounce, vintage soda-shop-inspired glass bottles with twist-off tops, Floats are sold at major US retail, grocery, and convenience stores.


The product's first press release was issued on January 2, 2008, which included bottle design photos, suggested retail prices, and other information.

In the press release, Andrew Springate, vice president of marketing, stated:

"For years, beverage makers have tried to crack the code and develop an indulgent drink that tastes like a homemade float... The A&W and Sunkist Floats are indulgent treats like nothing consumers have experienced before; one pour and your taste buds will be amazed - no work, no hassle."[1]


According to Cadbury Schweppes, "the Floats concept was one of the highest scoring product ideas from our Discovery Innovation Group. This group is challenged to find and create new ideas across our brand portfolio."


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