Flodders in America

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Flodders in America
Directed by Dick Maas
Starring Huub Stapel
Nelly Frijda
Tatjana Simic
Rene van 't Hof
Lou Landre
Jon Polito
Gerard Joling
Release date
Running time
95 minutes
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Flodders in America (Dutch: Flodder in Amerika!), released in Quebec as Les Lavigueur Redéménagent, is a 1992 Dutch comedy film directed by Dick Maas. The film is the sequel of the successful film Flodder from 1986. It was filmed on location in New York and stars Dutch actors Huub Stapel, Nelly Frijda, Tatjana Simic, Rene van 't Hof, Lou Landre, Gerard Joling, Dick Rienstra, and American actor Jon Polito as nightclub owner Larry Rosenbaum.

Comic book adaptation[edit]

Simultaneously with the film release the movie was also adapted into a comic book written by Dick Maas, Wijo Koek and drawn by Marcel Bosma. [1]


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