Floh de Cologne

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Floh de Cologne
Floh de Cologne 1969.jpg
Background information
Origin Cologne, Germany
Genres Krautrock, progressive rock
Years active 1966–1983
Past members Hansi Frank
Dieter Klemm
Britta Baltruschat
Markus Schmid
Gerd Wollschon
Theo König
Dick Städtler
Vridolin Enxing

Floh de Cologne (Translated as: Flea of Cologne) were a German band, active from 1966 to 1983, regarded as a pioneer of krautrock and Political Satire Music. After success at the beginning of the 70s, the band separated in 1983.


The group was formed in 1966 by a group of anarchist students,[1] all from the University of Cologne. Their first album, Vietnam, released in 1968, is a fierce criticism of the war in Vietnam, the profits made from said album was donated to a Vietnamese charity. Impressed by their music and especially their lyrics, Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser decided to produce their next two albums: Rockoper Profitgeier (1971) and Lucky Streik (1972).[2]

Their musical style is considered krautrock.


Members of the band from 1966:

  • Gerd Wollschon (vocals/keyboards)
  • Markus Schmidt (bass guitar/violin)
  • Hans-Jorg "Hansi" Frank (drums/keyboards)
  • Britta Baltruschat (vocals)

Other members

  • Theo König (saxophone/clarinet/harmonica)
  • Dick Städtler (bass guitar/guitar)
  • Vridolin Enxing (keyboards/bass guitar/guitar/cello)


  • Vietnam (1968)
  • Fließbandbabys Beat-Show (1970)
  • Rockoper Profitgeier (1971)
  • Lucky Streik (1973)
  • Geyer-Symphonie (1974)
  • Mumien – Kantate für Rockband (1974)
  • Dieser Chilenische Sommer War Heiß (1974)
  • Tilt! (1975)
  • Rotkäppchen (1977)
  • Prima Freiheit (1978)
  • Koslowsky (1980)
  • Faaterland (1983)


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