Floodgate Entertainment

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Floodgate Entertainment, LLC
Subsidiary of Zynga
Industry Video game industry
Successor OtherSide Entertainment
Founded 2000
Defunct 2014
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Key people
Paul Neurath, Creative Director,[1] Matthew Bellows, Steve Meretzky, Heather Wilde
Products Video games
Parent Zynga
Website floodg.com

Floodgate Entertainment was a Boston-based video game developer, founded by Paul Neurath in 2000. Many of the company's employees are former Looking Glass Studios employees.[2]

Floodgate co-developed Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide alongside BioWare,[2] and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic alongside Arkane Studios.[3] In 2006, they signed a deal with Sony BMG Music Entertainment to distribute their game Mo-Pets.[4] Recently, the company has focused on casual mobile games. In 2014, Zynga closed Floodgate Entertainment.


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