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Floodgate Fund
Venture fund
FoundedMarch 2010 (as Floodgate Fund)[1]
  • Mike Maples Jr.
  • Ann Miura-Ko

Floodgate Fund is a venture capital firm based in the United States created by Mike Maples Jr. and Ann Miura-Ko. It was originally named Maples Investments but was renamed Floodgate Fund in March 2010.[1] It is focused on investments in technology companies in Silicon Valley.


Mike Maples at South by Southwest in 2017

In March 2017, Floodgate raised $131 million for its sixth fund. In previous years, their fifth fund closed at $76 million, fourth fund closed at $75 million and their third fund at $73.5 million.[2]

Floodgate has invested in a number of companies[3] including Twitter, Digg, location-based services company Gowalla, professional networking service BranchOut,[4][5] Chegg, Formstack, Milk Inc.,[6] TaskRabbit,[7] self-storage marketplace SpareFoot,[8] and seasteading platform company Blueseed.[9]

As of 2017, they've also invested in Lyft, Refinery29, LabDoor, education startup MissionU, legal discovery startup TextIQ, and Rappi.[2]

Media coverage[edit]

Floodgate Fund and Mike Maples have been covered in TechCrunch[1] and Forbes.[10] Mike Maples of Floodgate was also interviewed about his investment philosophy by Sarah Lacy for TechCrunch TV.[11]


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