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Directed by
  • Ruth Ducker
  • Paul Donnelson
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes104
Executive producer(s)James Cabourne
Nigel Pickard
Producer(s)Matt Porter
Ceri Barnes
Running time11 min.
Production company(s)Nevision Studios
Jellyfish Pictures
Zodiak Kids Studios
Absolutely Cuckoo
DistributorZodiak Media
Original networkChannel 5 (Milkshake!)
First shown inUnited States
Original releaseJanuary 23, 2016 (2016-01-23) –
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Floogals is an American/British live-action/animated television series aimed at preschoolers, produced by Nevision, Jellyfish Pictures and Zodiak Kids, with concepts from Absolutely Cuckoo and participation by Universal Kids in the United States. The series was developed by Ceri Barnes, Lee Walters, Nigel Pickard and Rick Gitelson, from an original idea by Dan Good (who created Waybuloo). Production took place in London during 2014 and 2015 with all CGI animation by Jellyfish Pictures.[1] Series 2, 52 x 11 minutes has been commissioned by Sprout. Series 3, 26 x 11 2018 commissioned by Universal Kids.

Synopsis and overview[edit]

The show centers on three three-inch-tall extraterrestrials called Floogals who have come to Earth to study its inhabitants. Upon landing, a human boy, thinking their spaceship is a toy, hangs their craft onto the ceiling of his bedroom. The Floogals, however, don't seem to mind as they carry on with their studying.

While the show is set on a real Earthly place featuring live-action humans, the Floogals are CGI

During each episode, the Floogals come across an object on Earth of which they try to gain knowledge. Once their study is done, they pass their research to the base on their home planet. After the report is sent, if it is liked, the floogals receive a sticker each featuring the object they have just researched.



The three protagonists consist of two male lavender colored and one female pink colored extraterrestrials in space suits and headgears. While they lack noses, they each have four trumpet-shaped protrusions on their heads which are used for both hearing and smelling.

  • Fleeker, the Captain; He wears an orange suit, addresses self "Captain Fleeker." Voiced by Rasmus Hardiker.
  • Boomer, a space adventurer trainee. He wears a green suit,[2] addresses self "Junior Floogal Boomer." Voiced by Hugo Harold-Harrison.
  • Flo, the First Officer. She wears a yellow suit, addresses self "First Officer Flo Floogal", her four Floogal Horns are at the top half of her head, instead of two on top and two on bottom, like the male Floogals. Voiced by Jules de Jongh.


The human family whose house is where the Floogals are stationed at. Their faces are kept secretly hidden from the picture.

  • Dad aka "Dad Hooman", his name is Michael as mentioned in the episode, "Project:Washer/Dryer"
  • Evie aka "Girl Hooman" She is five years old, as heard in "Project:Balloon."
  • Luke ("Lukie") aka "Boy Hooman" He is eight years old, as heard and shown in "Project: Birthday Cake."
  • Mom aka "Mom Hooman", her surname is mentioned in Project Halloween when a kid compliments her on her Jack-o-Lantern, calling her Mrs. King
  • Aunt Samantha, Evie & Luke's aunt in "Project Baby".
  • Hugo, Evie & Luke's baby cousin in "Project Baby".


There are 60 episodes each 11 minutes.

Welcome To Earth (pilot)
Project Ice
Project Tortoise
Project Balloon
Project Trumpet
Project Flashlight
Project Baby
Project Leash
Project Puzzle
Project Bubbles
Project Halloween
Project Mirror
Project Banana
Project Sleepover
Project Clock
Project Helicopter
Project Toothbrush
Project Washer Dryer
Project Glue
Project Rubberbands
Project Sand
Project Boxes
Project Egg Hunt
Project Caterpillar
Project Clay
Project Garden Hose
Project Piano
Project Tent
Project Popcorn
Project Dusting
Project Seeds
Project Rollerskates
Project Picnic
Project Rabbit
Project Painting
Project Singing
Project Record Player
Project Table Tennis
Project Robot
Project Birthday Cake
Project Mail
Project Magnet
Project Ring
Project Umbrella
Project Bandages
Project Vacuum
Project Jewelry Box
Project Vacation
Project Aluminum Foil
Project Hamster
Project Pencil
Project Rainbow
Project Ice Cave
Project Leaf
Project Eh
Project Markers
Project Spaghetti
Project Noodles
Project Ireland No We Just Like Own We Just Clear It Clear It
Project Hot
Project Spicy Hot
Project Hot Hot Hot


  • Floogals Discover Ice[3]
  • Floogals Welcome to Earth (Pilot)[4]
  • Floogals - Banana[5]
  • Floogals - Turtle[6]
  • Today's Project - Washer Dryer[7]
  • Floogal Your World[8]
  • Blooper Reel[9]


The series premiered in the United States on January 23, 2016 on Sprout, a specialty television channel owned by Comcast's NBCUniversal.[10] The Sprout brand became a name of the programming block for preschoolers when the channel itself was rebranded to Universal Kids on 9 September 2017. The series was also shown on NBC's NBC Kids television block until the block's cancellation in September 2016.[2]

In Canada, the series was broadcast on TVOntario's TVO Kids block, and Knowledge Network.[11]

In the United Kingdom, the Scottish Gaelic version was broadcast on BBC Alba,[12] and the English version was later premiered on Channel 5's Milkshake! block in July 2017.

In Australia, the series was broadcast on ABC2's ABC Kids block.

In Ireland, the series was broadcast on RTE and 3Kids

In Malaysia, the series was broadcast on TV1 (2016-2018) every Friday to Sunday,10:30pm


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