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Floor @ Roadburn 2015 02.jpg
Floor at Roadburn Festival in 2015.
Background information
Origin Miami, Florida, United States
Years active 1992–1996, 1997, 2001–2004, 2010-2011, 2013-present
Labels Season of Mist, No Idea, Bovine, Rhetoric, Noise Vacuum, Dirge, Robotic Empire
Associated acts Torche, Cavity, Dove
Members Steve Brooks
Anthony Vialon
Henry Wilson
Past members Beatriz Monteavaro
Jeff Sousa
Drew Demaio
Matt Sweeting
Ron Sas
Max Soren
Clint Sutton
Donavan Stringer
Juan Montoya

Floor is an American doom metal band from Miami, Florida, United States.


Initially from Miami, Floor was formed in 1992 by Steve Brooks (guitar), Anthony Vialon (guitar/bass), and Betty Monteavaro (drums). Jeff Sousa became the drummer in late 1993, and Brooks and Vialon changed their sound by implementing two uniquely low-tuned guitars, forgoing the need of a bassist. Material was recorded for two full-length albums (Dove 1994, Saturnine and Tears 1995) but neither were released until after their eponymous album years later. During that time several vinyl-only 7" EPs were released, followed by their first break in 1996. They reformed with a new line-up for one show in 1997 with Henry Wilson on drums and practiced only occasionally until 2001. Finally they released their first full-length album, self-titled Floor, before splitting up in 2003. The Self-Titled album went on to garner accolades from the underground music scene and the bands' cult-following grew in their absence. Brooks would go on to form the band Torche. Henry Wilson went on to form the bands Dove and House of Lightning. Anthony Vialon, having also played several years with Miami outfit Cavity, focused on theology.[1]

The band reformed in 2010 for a reunion tour to support the release of Below & Beyond, an 8-CD/10-LP box set encompassing their entire career.

Oblation (2013–present)[edit]

In March 2013, Floor reunited again and announced its intention to tour and release a new album through Season of Mist.[2] Vialon said that after the group's 2010 reunion tours, Floor had, "noticed that our fan base had grown exponentially and doing a new record, kind of picking up where we'd left off, was something we agreed we should focus on."[3] Floor released their third studio album Oblation on April 29, 2014.[4]

Band members[edit]


Studio albums

Other releases

  • Saturnine And Tears (30 March 2010, Robotic Empire - recording date unknown)
  • Self-Titled + Outtakes (30 March 2010, Robotic Empire - recording date unknown)
  • Riddim Of Silence (30 March 2010, Robotic Empire - recording date unknown)
  • Pillars Of Irem (30 March 2010, Robotic Empire - recording date unknown)
  • It's Not The Same (30 March 2010, Robotic Empire - recording date unknown)
  • F**k You. For Now. (30 March 2010, Robotic Empire - recording date unknown)
  • Oblation (21 April 2014, Floor - recorded 2014)

Compilation albums

Video albums


  • Madonna (1994, Bovine)


  • "Loanin'" / "Figbender" (1994, Dirge)
  • "Heather" / "When the Pigs Broke Free" (1995, Noise Vacuum)
  • "Goddard" / "Slugthrower" (1995, Rhetoric)
  • "Homegoings and Transitions" / "Shadowline" (2013, Season of Mist)
  • "The Ladder" (2013, Decibel)[4]

Split singles

  • Floor / Tired from Now On (1994, No Idea)
  • Floor / Spazz (1994, Bovine)
  • Floor / Sloth (1995, self-released)
  • Floor / Ed Matus' Struggle (1996, Space Cadette)
  • Floor / Dove (2001, Berserker)

Compilation appearances

  • Loud & Ugly Vol. 2 (contributed song "Iommi") (1995, Bovine)
  • No Idea No.12 (contributed song "Who Are You") (1995, No Idea)
  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (contributed song "Dead Wrong") (1998, Insolito)


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