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Flora Karimova
FLORA KARIMOVA shooting a clip.jpg
Background information
Birth nameFlora Karimova Flora Kerimova Flora Kərimova
Born (1941-07-23) July 23, 1941 (age 78)
Baku, Azerbaijan
OriginAzerbaijan Turk
Genrespop, classical, folk rock, jazz
Occupation(s)singer and actress
Years active1960's–present
LabelsFlora Karimova
Associated actsAzerbaijan National Independence Movement

Flora Alakbar gizi Karimova (Azerbaijani: Flora Ələkbər qızı Kərimova; born July 23, 1941 in Baku) is an Azerbaijani popular music singer, civil right activist and People's Artist of Azerbaijan.[1]

Early life[edit]

Flora Karimova (Flora Kərimova (Azeri), Флора Керимова (Russian), freedom activist and founder of Soviet -European Pop, Rock and Jazz style Music genres, was born in Baku on July 23, 1941. According to herself, she was an unwanted child, and her mother had tried hard to put an end to the pregnancy, which was impossible to do in a conventional way due to anti-abortion laws in the Soviet Union at the time.[2]

Early career[edit]

In 1965, Flora Karimova was admitted to the Narimanov Medical Institute majoring in medical business and graduated in 1971. Then, from 1972 to 1977, she studied at the Azerbaijan State Conservatory specialising in vocal arts, where she strengthened her voice to four octaves. During this period She became an outstanding popular Azerbaijan Soviet pop singer. In her first career she sang mostly Soviet style Pop and Classic style between 1955 and 1967s. Later 1967 Flora Karimova began singing first ever national orchestra based rock and Jazz style songs. Her unique and splendid so far gorgeous, attractive voice enticed and appealed to audience significantly.

She pioneered Azerbaijan Soviet Music History, singing first rock and roll and duetted with another famous Soviet pop singer Gulagha Mammadov (Gülağa Məmmədov). Flora Karimova sang some of the most popular songs first time in concert, such as Reyhan, Telebe, Okhu Tar, Gejeler Bulak Bashi, Dalghalar, Qurban adina, Men seni araram, Gulerem Gulsen, Geceler, Geceler bulaq bashi, Azerbaycanim, Maralim Gel, Lirik Mahni, Sen menimsen men senin, Sachlarina Gul duzum, Sevirem Seni, Sevmeyir qoy sevmesin, Bakinin isihiqlari, Baki geceleri, Gelmedi yar, Getme-getme, Uzaq yashil ada, Bele qemli dayanma, Kepenek and so on. In most films, theatre and cartoons she sang their soundtracks. Her famous soundtracks were Qaynana, Alma Almaya Benzer, Baki sabahin xeyir, Gece yaman uzundur, Ey heyat sen ne qeribesen, Onun Belali sevgisi, Evleri Kondelen yar, as well as cartoon soundtracks are Tiq Tiq xanim (Pis pisa xanim) ve Sichan bey, Humayin yuxusu, Toplan and others.

1960's musical history[edit]

Leyli & Majnun

Although Flora Karimova commenced her professional music career in 1954 singing Indian's marvels series music composed by Shafiga Akhundova, she became most popular and renowned since the 1960s. Early 1960s Flora Karimova started her career singing Fikrat Amirov's songs. Beside she performed in the ensemble choir of Medical University. Later 1962 she was invited second time to sing in a film of "Boyuk Dayaq". She sang "Perishanin mahnisi" composed by Fikrat Amirov. Subsequently, she continued to sing most popular and outstanding composers' professional songs such as Fikrat Amirov (Sevil Operasi), Seid Rustamov, Rauf Hajiyev, Tofik Bakixanov, Aghabaci Rzayeva, Tofiq Ahmedov, Alakbar Taghiyev, Tamilla Mammadzade, Shafiqa Axundova, Ramiz Mustafayev, Suleyman Askerov, Sefer Sheyxov, Tofiq Quliyev, Ramiz Mustafayev and her first husband Prof. Doctor Ibrahim Topchubashov (İbrahim Topçubaşov). Next significant proposal was made by Bahram Mansurov, who persisted Flora Karimova to perform Leyli role on "Leyla and Majnun Opera" in Opera and Ballet Theater. Although Flora khanum rejected at first, Mr. Mansurov demanded her to play the role by preparing her by himself. In 1966 she appeared on the stage of Opera and Ballet whose proponent was Arif Babayev. Arif Babayev first time started his professional career playing Majnun sharing stage with Flora Karimova at that time. This drew millions of audience to watch first ever history in Leyla & Majnun with great passion and eager, who enjoyed in Opera in Flora Karimova's 4 octave voice. This event became one of the most successful performance for "Leyla and Majnun Opera". Upon realising her Pop-rock vocal voice as tuning out in favour of national mugham style,whereas Flora Karimova had keen sense of singing chiefly European style of Pop songs, later 8 times of performing "Leyla and Majnun" , she then stopped altogether and left the theater for good.

FloraKarimova film

Performing "Leyla and Majnun" increased her fame and popularity. Her reputation dramatically raised and drew more attention and love to her. As another interesting point of her laughter. Flora Karimova had unique and the cutest laughter adored millions of her followers made them contrive nice poets devoted her kind and lively laughing. So it is no doubt when Tofig Guliyev composed "Sən mənimsən mən sənin" (You are mine and İ am yours) for the sake of her and asked her to sing at first.

Following years, She was in 1967 invited to take a part in the film of "Qanunnamine". Director Ehsen Dadashov deluded her as she remembers: "I was firstly promised to play a role of Balash, who was a second part minor character in the film, in fact they had been preparing me for a main role of Zulyekha. After all in a sudden, I was told that I had been opted for a main role, and there was actually no way out to reject it." In "Qanunnamine" she showed her crafty and sophisticated artistic skills and represented her role character with high approval modelling. However, later this successful performance she was invited to be shot in other film, she was forced herself to turn down because of her husband's death (Ibrahim Topchubashov)

Flora Karimova (Qanunnaminə)

Flora khanym sang various genre of music. In her early repertoire started Azerbaijan Turkic National style of Folk songs those were compesed by Alakbar Taghiyev. She is a first singer who sang together with famous Azerbaijan singer Gulagha Mammadov. They had several songs such as Tiblisi, Shirin Arzular. In this sequence she sang most famous songs which were very known and popular at time. She is a pioneering singer with her firsts. She sang first time of most popular songs such Seid Rustamov's "Oxu Tar". As a pop singer She sang several songs for films 1960s. Later she was offered to play in an Opera "Leyli Majnun" (1966). At the beginning of the 1960s Flora Kerimova began her singing career in Azerbaijan. She officially debuted in October 1960, on the stage of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall. Her repertoire includes lyrical compositions, but she has also performed and performs rhythmical compositions. Her beauty and charm with her splendid voice appealed to all over Soviet countries. She frequently gave concerts mostly in Moscow where audience were clapping her on feet standing cheerfully. Her scope of voice was large in terms of octaves by possessing 4 types of octaves.

In the middle of 1960's started to sing rock and jazz style songs. 1967 She sang 23 Jazz songs which brought her solid popularity. In the first half of 1960, Karimova sang two new but later outstanding Pop composers Emin Sabitglu and Oktay Kazimi's songs. In fact both those composers started their professional career with Karimova.

Popular songs[edit]

in 1965 and 1969 most of popular songs performed by Flora Karimova which surged her fame and played significantly improve her reputation. Her some songs especially Sachlarina Gul Duzum (R.Hajiyev), Ozumden Kuserem (E.Sabitoglu), Baghishla meni (T.Bakixanov), Axtarma Meni (E.Sabitoglu), Ne Bextiyardiq (I.Topchubashov), Ey Heyat Sen ne Qeribesen (O.Kazimi), Yansin Gerek (O.Kazimi), Perishanin Mahnisi (F.Amirov), Azerbaycanim (R.Hajiyev), Bakinin Ishiqlari (I.Karimov), Bir xeber ver ey kulek (T.Mammadzadeh), Chinar ve Men (O.Kazimi), Dalgalar (R.Mirishli), Ele xoshbaxtam ki (R.Mustafayev), Elvida Hindistan (S.Axundova), Gece Yaman Uzundur (F.Babayeva), Gelmedin (S.Rustamov), Getme yar (S.Rustamov), Gozellikler Meskeni (T.Bakixanov), Gozum dushdu (H. Xanmammadov), Gule vererdim (R.Mustafayev), Hamidan Goyechek (I.Topchubashov), Intizar (N.Mammadov), Konlum (R.Mustafayev), Kusmerem (S.Askerov), Layla (Seid Rustamov), Lay-Lay (Hokume Najafova), Maralim gel (S.Rustamov), Neylerem Unutsan (E. Tagiyev), Qurban oldugum (T.Bakixanov), Telebe (T.Hajiyev), Reyhan (F.Amirov), Ay gozel, Baki (J.Jahangirov), Sen menimsen men senin (T.Guliyev), Sene men neyledim (O.Kazimi), Sensiz olmasin (T.Mammadzade), Sensizlik (J.Jahangirov), Sevgilim (S.Rustamov),

Sevirem Seni (S.Rustamov), Sevmeyir qoy sevmesin (S.Rustamov), Shirin Arzular (E.Tagiyev), Ulduzlar (H.Najafova) and so on were in her beloved repertoire.

First woman driver in Soviet Azerbaijan[edit]

Flora Karimova firs ever womand driver in Soviet Azerbaijan

In 1967, she became the first Azerbaijan Soviet woman driver, driving her first Jiquli car. She appeared in her car frequently in musical sketches.

1970's musical history[edit]

In 1971 she returned to stage and sing only pop songs of famous compositors as well as for more films and cartoons. in the 1970s she became a Modern Model of Icon for new Soviet generation. Everyone who considered to be modern and European kind as well as elite or upper side of society with high intelligence and culture preferred to listen to Flora Karimova. She was regarded as a kind of an especial image for those who treated stood out from common social conception rather than Contemporary Rebellions in culture and manner. At these years She was singing song what was rearranged by Popular jazzman Vagif Mustafazadeh. The famous Azerbaijan kid song "Tiq Tiq xanim" is one of their work. Sadly, these two amazing creative and talented art founders were not allowed to work together later.

Since 1971 she sang popular songs composed by famous composers such as Oktay Kazimi, Emin Sabitoghlu, Elza Ibrahimova, Nariman Mammadov, Taleh Hajiyev, Sevda Ibrahimova Firengiz Babayeva, Eldar Mansurov, Israil Karimov, Cahangir Cahangirov, Tofiq Babayev, Mobil Babayev, Cavanshir Quliyev, Oqtay Recebov, Ramiz Mirishli, Faiq Sujaddinov, Ruhengiz Qasimova, Vasif Adigozelov, Siyavush Kerimi, Xeyyam Mirzazade, Tofik Ahmedov, Arif Melikov whose careers started by performing their firsts by Flora Karimova.

In 1975 Flora Karimova was prevented from public for different reasons due to her singing style and opinions. Karimova used to sing her songs in genre of rock. At that time Rock song is strictly disapproved by Soviet so what she song to become banned while those songs were performed by different singer in jazz or classic pop genres, most famous song of Gel Qaytar Eshqimi is as an example. This song virtually composed for Flora khanum by Oktay Kazimi. She sang it in Moscow accompanied by outstanding Soviet conductor Yuriy Silentev (Юрий Силантьев) and his orchestra. in the 1970s She sang famous sequence songs with his orchestra; Qocalir anam, Bele ola hemishe, Yaghma Yaghis, Niye gelmedin and others.

Her fame and talent surpassed all forbids. Sadly She got into trouble by intrigues of Azerbaijan Soviet Authority Governess. She was offered to work for KGB and targeting for some sexual intercourse eliminating anti-soviet businessmen and public figures. Flora Karimova strongly opposed and rejected such savage proposes of Soviet authority which sent it to rage. It cost her more. So her life got in danger, this caused her to leave Azerbaijan for Poland. She became a Polish citizen and lived in Poland likewise Flora khanum was demanded in Azerbaijan so She frequently was invited to Baku to sing new songs either as sole or films, theatre plays and gave more concerts.


In 1983 she left Azerbaijan for Poland till 1987. When she returned again she worked in career hard and only in 1987 she sang 56 songs, 25 concerts, 23 songs for theater plays, 9 songs for films, and 1 for a cartoon. Sadly 1988 Her husband got into car accident and died. Flora Karimova said she enjoyed working with the late composer Emin Sabitoglu, who composed a number of lyrical songs for her.[3]

Besides the songs by Emin Sabitoglu, Flora Karimova's repertoire includes songs by Ramiz Mirishli, Tofig Guliyev, Aygun Samadzadeh, Kamal, Khanim Ismayilgizi and many other composers. In 1983, Flora Karimova became the soloist of Azerbaijan State Television. She has recorded and released more than twenty solo albums. Besides the songs by Emin Sabitoglu, Flora Karimova's repertoire includes songs by Ramiz Mirishli, Tofig Guliyev, Aygun Samadzadeh, Kamal, Khanim Ismayilgizi and many other composers. In 1983, Flora Karimova became the soloist of Azerbaijan State Television.

Social and political activities[edit]

In 1988 in Karabakh (now occupied area by Armenian Government) a big area of Forest named Topkhana began got chopped down by Armenians. It caused to rise a tension in Baku and thousands of people protested against it. Later this problem turned a War when Armenians demanded illegally Karabakh to include as a part of Armenia.

Flora Karimova & Abulfaz Elchibey

Flora Karimova joined the rally of Defence of the rights of Azerbaijan which later turned a political campaign of National Independence Movement and became one of civil right activist and renounced public figure. She was entitled to Lady (Xanim) due to her gallantry, honesty and honorable public affairs.

Flora Karimova 1990 January 21

In 1988 her records began to be terminated and almost half of her archive was undermined by Soviet Authority in order to punish and deter her from her political movement. Nothing prevented her from her combat. Flora Karimova was first ever Azerbaijan Modern Woman Social Freedom and Human right Activist. Her great valour was when Soviet Army attacked Azerbaijan killing millions of civilian in January 19 night. Next day Flora Karimova rebelled against Soviet Authority marching with women in streets among tanks. Whereupon one of tank near Philarmonic Hall drove toward flock of people. Upon realising tank at speed coming everyone rushed out of scene except Flora khanum who interrupted the Russian's tanks to enter second time to city to shed blood 1990, 21 January as she stood still in front of tanks and stretching her arms. Tank stopped straight very close to her and did not move forward.

She played a significant role in the way of regaining Independence in Azerbaijan of Russia second time and establishing Modern Republic State. She served boldly for Freedom of Azerbaijan and the genuine right of Karabakh. She was one close fighter friend of Azerbaijan Independence Leader Abulfaz Elchibay (Əbülfəz Elçibəy). Since 1995 Flora Karimova disagreed Haydar Aliyev's government and began to struggle for Human rights and democracy in Azerbaijan. She had organised and initiated considerably important campaigns for Democratic values and Human rights in Baku and became one successful public figure in her struggling period.

Since 1995 she was banned to public and on TV channels and radios. Her songs in films, theater plays and cartoons were removed or skewed intentionally in order to vanish her music history for good for second time. During this horror period it can be estimated her more than two-third percent of musical archive was wiped off. Flora Karimova did not stop her opposition movement for the sake of reforming democracy. Government slandered and abused her by blaming her in immortality and selling out the country. False accusation and conspiracy could not defame her greatness. Despite of deliberate vilification for more than two decades neither any of those malign misrepresenting frightened her nor dishonoured her reputation. In 2005 she was nominated as a unanimous candidate of AXCP, Musavat and other major political parties unions for parliamentary elections. Although she won the election, her result was distorted for her opponent Hijran Huseynova, She completely disagreed and sued Azerbaijan government to court. in 2015 However She won European Court,[4] her rights were not compensated. After last ever Great Orange Freedom Rebelling Campaign she faced a life threat and witnessed more ever terrible evils. Since 2006 she gave up her social and political actions and in 2007 she was pardoned and permitted lifting her forbids as on TV and Radio.

Azerbaijan first People Artist[edit]

She has recorded and released more than twenty solo albums. In 1992, Flora Karimova was awarded the title of the People's Artist of Azerbaijan. Flora Karimova thus became the first singer in the history of independent Azerbaijan to be awarded this title.

Personal life[edit]

FLORA KARIMOVA and her children

She has been married twice and has a daughter and a son. Her first marriage with prof. Doc. Ibrahim Topchubashov 1969. Second marriage with Faik Shafiyev 1988.

Ibrahim Topchubashov who played significant role supporting Flora Karimova to master her musical and artistic skills to higher level. Secondly He composed devoting more songs in favour of her during the 1960s. Ibrahim Topchubashov who applied first ever music of Flora Karimova during in surgery operation processes. While he and his father Mustafa Topchubashov carried out their surgery operation accompanied by voice of Flora Karimova as her songs were playing instead of anesthesia.

1969 She got married to Prof. Ibrahim Topchubashov. Her fame began enormously increased. Ibrahimov died a year later in 1970. She was devastated. Before his death, Prof Ibrahimov was on a business trip in Turkey where he met the famous Turkish singer Nesrin Sipahi and invited her to come to Baku to give a concert. After Prof. Ibrahimov's death, Karimova realised his wish and organised Sipahi's concert in Baku in Yashil Theatre. During that year she did not sing in public. She maintained her husband's grave.

In 1987 she got married for the second time with Faik Bey who was a Soviet millionaire.


Flora Karimova was prohibited and banned form TV first time in 1971 singing "Bayatilar" after death of her husband Prof. Doc. Ibrahim Topchubashov. Later she was permitted on TV and Radio again However she was subjected to banned from time to time due to her music context, style, genre, dress and opinion. The second major prohibition made after singing Turkish song "Atli Karinca" in high pitch in a state concert in Karabakh instead of determined music after observing an Armenian singer who performed Azerbaijan National Heritage "Qarabağ Şikəstəsi". Next prohibition emerged when Flora Karimova refused to be entitled for an award of Soviet People's Artist. In order to be nominated firstly as an ordinary Artist had to be awarded for Soviet Armenian People's artist, subsequently Soviet Union People's Artist. She rejected to be of titled, thus she faced absolute hardships and death threat what compelled her to leave Azerbaijan for Poland 1980s for a while.


Recently end of 2016 she has been banned from public and strictly forbid on TV and Radio due to her severe condemnation about latest worries disturbed and unleashed democratic values caused to increased outlaws in Azerbaijan. Additionally she was subjected to be driven into conflict and disparaged some public figures strongly. Additionally March 2017 government and TV channels on purpose claimed copyrights abuses on YouTube page. Consequently, only a way of representing and saving her historical views and performance official YOUTUBE FLORA KARIMOVA page was removed because of false complaints.

Flora Karimova is permitted[edit]

Flora khanum Karimova was allowed to some TV and Radios since 01/02/2018. This initiative was implemented by those TV and Radio organisation's directors.

Alongside popular Azerbaijan stylist Anar Aghakishiev made up her face by resembling her of 40 years old one. This event took an immense resonance and caused a big platform of discussion on social media [1]



Music in films[edit]

  1. Böyük dayaq (film, 1962)
  2. O qızı tapın (film, 1970)
  3. Gün keçdi (film, 1971)
  4. Qız, oğlan və şir (film, 1974)
  5. Şahzadə-qara qızıl (film, 1974)
  6. Alma almaya bənzər (film, 1975) (tammetrajlı bədii film)
  7. Şir evdən getdi (film, 1977)
  8. Toplan və kölgəsi (film, 1977)
  9. Qayınana (film, 1978)
  10. Sonrakı peşmançılıq (film, 1978)
  11. Onun bəlalı sevgisi (film, 1980)
  12. Evləri köndələn yar (film, 1982)
  13. Əzablı yollar (film, 1982)
  14. Bağışla (film, 1983)
  15. Humayın yuxusu (film, 1985)
  16. Səndən xəbərsiz (film, 1985)
  17. Xüsusi vəziyyət (film, 1986)
  18. Sən həmişə mənimləsən (film, 1987)
  19. Ağ atlı oğlan (film, 1995) (tammetrajlı bədii film)
  20. Ünvansız eşq (film, 2012)
  21. Balta Azərbaycan filmi (2015)

Selected filmography[edit]

Starring role
  1. Qanun naminə (film, 1968)
  2. Həyat bizi sınayır (film, 1972)
  3. Yollar görüşəndə... (film, 1979)
Supporting role
  1. Abşeron ritmləri (film, 1970) (tammetrajlı musiqili-bədii film)
  2. Toyda görüş (film, 1970)
  3. Konsert proqramı (film, 1971) (I)
  4. Mahnı qanadlarında (film, 1973) (tammetrajlı musiqili-bədii televiziya filmi)
  5. Payız melodiyaları (film, 1974)
  6. Nəğməkar torpaq (film, 1981)

(Arxiv kadrlarda səsindən istifadə olunan filmlər)

  1. Göylər sonsuz bir dənizdir. II film. Züleyxa (film, 1995)
  2. Sonun başlanğıcı (film, 2012)
  3. Ləkə (teleserial, 2013)

Career timeline[edit]

  1. 1954 Flora Karimova appeared first time on a stage
  2. 1964 graduated Azerbaijan Soviet Baku Musical Technical High School
  3. 1966 played on stage as Leyli in "Leyli and Majnun Opera"
  4. 1968 shot as main role in the film "Qanunnamine"
  5. 1971 graduated Azerbaijan Soviet Medical University
  6. 1977 graduated Azerbaijan National Musical Conservatory
  7. 1983 became soloist of Soviet Azerbaijan State TV and Radio
  8. 1989-1991 served for regaining Independence in Azerbaijan
  9. 1992 nominated for an award of Azerbaijan People's Artist


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