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Typical Flora of Malta consists of the following plants and flowers. While small compared to other countries, the Maltese Islands contain special flowers that grow on islands such as Malta, Gozo, Comino, Filfla, St Paul's Islands and Fungus Rock.

Maltese Everlasting[edit]

A rare endemic bush growing up to one metre and found only on the western cliffs of Gozo and on Fungus Rock. Its bright yellow flowers can be seen around May and June. Its long and narrow whitish leaves have a covering of short hair.

Hoary Rock-Rose[edit]

A very scarce wild flower found mainly in garrigue, where occasionally it is the dominant species. Its pinkish red large flowers appear in spring, on a shrub with sticky leaves.

Evergreen Rose[edit]

A rare perennial evergreen climber with thorny stems, glossy compound leaves and shiny red fruit. Its white flowers appear in spring and early summer. Found growing in maquis and on the sides of sheltered valleys.

Wild Artichoke[edit]

A common perennial with very large spiny leaves, generally flowering in early summer. It has large deep bluish-violet flower heads, and grows in steppes, especially on clay and garrigue, sometimes even on disturbed ground..

Maltese Pyramidal Orchid[edit]

A scarce endemic orchid, resembling the common Pyramidal Orchid, but having smaller and paler pink or white flowers. Flowers can be found from February to April in garrigue and rocky steppes.

Pheasant's Eye[edit]

A rare annual wild flower with delicate fine leaves and bright red flowers appearing during the months of winter and spring. They grow in cultivated land. Heavily persecuted through picking.

Sea Daffodil[edit]

Southern Dwarf Iris[edit]

French Daffodil[edit]

Yellow-throated Crocus[edit]

Large Star of Bethlehem[edit]

Wild Tulip[edit]

Common Poppy[edit]

Red Campion[edit]

Corn Chamomile[edit]


Crown Daisy[edit]

Common Mallow[edit]

Virgin Bush[edit]

Spanish Broom[edit]

Mediterranean Hawthorn[edit]

Judas Tree[edit]