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Floraleda Sacchi

Floraleda Sacchi (June 14, 1978) is an Italian harpist, composer and musicologist born in Como.


She studied music in Italy, the United States and Canada, with Lisetta Rossi, Alice Giles, Judy Loman, Alice Chalifoux. She has won prizes, in Italy and abroad, at 16 music competitions. Between 1998 and 2012 she performed more than 600 concerts in Europe, North and South America, and Asia in concert halls and festivals: Carnegie Hall-Weill Recital Hall (New York), the United Nations (New York), Klang-Bogen (Vienna), Gewandhaus (Leipzig), Konzerthaus (Berlin), Sala Verdi (Milan), Teatro Valle (Rome), Matsuo Hall (Tokyo), Prefectural Hall Alti (Kyoto), Teatro Municipal de Lima (Peru), Salle Varese (Lyon), Gasteig (Munich), Hypo-Kunsthalle (Munich), Concerts de la Croix Rouge (Geneva), Theatre Bellevue (Amsterdam), Gessler Hall (Vancouver), CBC - Glenn Gould Studio (Toronto), Teatro Bibiena (Mantova), Emilia Romagna Festival, Festival Pontino, Lamspringer September, and Rosegart Stiftung (Lucerne).

She plays pedal harp (also electro and Celtic harp), as well as historical instruments (single and double action pedal harp). Several composers have dedicated music to her. Many of these pieces are recorded in the CD series Portraits' Collection by Amadeus Arte.

She has written articles on musicology related to the harp and harpists. A major book by her, entitled Elias Parish Alvars, Life, Music, Documents published in 1999, received the Harpa Award (Prague 1999). She has edited 18th and 19th century harp music, bringing back to the public several forgotten composers (such as Sophia Dussek or Alphonse Hasselmans) and refreshing the harp repertoire.

She is the author of shows uniting music and acting, including Mystery Tales (for actor, harp and string quartet, dedicated to the relationship among fantasy, horror literature and music) and Travel to the Moon (for actor, harp and planetarium - presented regularly at Milan's Planetarium) - freely inspired from Cosmicomiche by Italo Calvino. Beginning in June 2007, she played live in Ottavia Piccolo's monologue Donna non rieducabile. The show, based on a text by Stefano Massini, is dedicated to journalist Anna Politkovskaya. The show was made into a film by Felice Cappa in 2009. The movie was produced by RAI TV with the title "Il sangue, la neve" (The Blood, the Snow). Published by PromoMusic in DVD, the movie was presented at the 66th Venice Film Festival.

Since 2006, Floraleda Sacchi has been the artistic director of the Lake Como Festival.

Prizes and distinctions[edit]

  • 1996
    • Financial award of Italia Nostra for best student of the year at Como Conservatory of Music.
    • Financial award of Società Umanitaria (Milan).
    • X F. Schubert Competition (Tagliolo, Alessandria): 3rd prize as soloist
    • XI Rovere d'Oro Prize (San Bartolomeo al Mare, Imperia): 2nd prize as soloist
  • 1997
    • Viglianoviva Competition (Vigliano, Biella): 1st prize as soloist
    • IV A.Gi. Mus. Competition (Varenna, Lecco): 1st prize as soloist
    • Concorso Musicale Italiano (Cortemilia, Cuneo): 2nd prize as soloist
    • Jupiter Competition "Genova 1997" (Genoa): 2nd prize as soloist
  • 1998
    • VII TIM – Torneo Internazionale di Musica (Rome): 1st prize ("Diploma d'onore") as soloist
    • Concours Internationaux UFAM – Union des Femmes Artistes et Musiciennes (Paris): 2nd prize as soloist
    • XII Città di Cento Competition (Cento, Ferrara): 3rd prize as soloist
  • 1999
    • Harpa Award Prize by World Harp Society, International Harp Centre (Basel, Switzerland) for her book Elias Parish Alvars: Life, Music, Documents
  • 2002
    • TIM - Torneo Internazionale di Musica (Rome), "Diploma d'onore" with Æolian Harp Duo
    • TIM - Torneo Internazionale di Musica (Rome), "Diploma d'onore" as soloist
    • Galbiati-Beltrami Prize (Milan), 1st prize with Allegro Ensemble (Ravel: Introduction et Allegro, Debussy: Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune)
    • XI "Riviera della Versilia" Competition: 1st prize with Æolian Harp Duo
  • 2003
  • 2007
    • Honorary member of Unione Nazionale Scrittori e Artisti for her artistic careear.

Main discography[edit]

Audio file[edit]



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Sheet music editions[edit]

Harp solos[edit]

  • "Enrique Granados: Album per arpa: Valses Poeticos - Danzas Españolas (2. Oriental, 5. Andaluza, 7. Valenciana, 8. Asturiana). Ut Orpheus, HS 176
  • "Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata e fuga in D minor BWV 565". Arrangiamento di Floraleda Sacchi. Ut Orpheus, HS 177.
  • "Isaac Albéniz: Album per arpa: Suite Española op. 47 (5. Asturias, 8. Cuba) - 2 Danzas Españolas op. 164 (1. Jota, 2. Tango). Ut Orpheus, HS 175
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  • "Franz Schubert: Three Romances (Fruhlingsglaube, Du bist die Ruh, Standchen)". Arranged by Elias Parish Alvars, edited by Floraleda Sacchi. Ut Orpheus
  • "Elias Parish Alvars: Illustrazioni della poesia italiana op. 97, vol. 1: Francesco Petrarca". Ut Orpheus
  • "Elias Parish Alvars: Fantaisie sur des motifs italiens op. 57". Ut Orpheus
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  • "Elias Parish Alvars: Sultan's Favourite March op. 30 & Travel of a Harpist in the Orient op. 62" (1. Souvenir of Bosphore, 2. Bulgarian Dance, 3. Hebrew Air from Philipolis, 4. Armenian Air, 5. Sultan's Parade March, 6. Greek Song from Santorini). Ut Orpheus
  • "Elias Parish Alvars: A Collection of easy pieces" (12 Favourite Airs, Lights and Shadows (2 Romances and a Waltz), Hungarian March, Barcarola, Fantasia on themes from La Figlia del Reggimento by Donizetti, The Plaint of a Young Girl op. 64). Ut Orpheus

Chamber music[edit]