Floreasca Hospital

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Floreasca Hospital
LocationCalea Floreasca 8, Sector 1, Bucharest
Coordinates44°27′14″N 26°6′5″E / 44.45389°N 26.10139°E / 44.45389; 26.10139Coordinates: 44°27′14″N 26°6′5″E / 44.45389°N 26.10139°E / 44.45389; 26.10139
FundingGovernment hospital
Hospital typeClinical
PatronRadu Alexandru Macovei
Emergency departmentYes
Founded5 May 1934

Floreasca Hospital (Romanian: Spitalul Floreasca) is a major hospital in Bucharest, Romania. The hospital is specialized in providing emergency medical care.


Floreasca is the first institution specialized in providing emergency medicine. It has been opened in 1933, specifically for this purpose. Initially, the hospital was funded by Nicolae Minovici, a Romanian professor.

In August 24, 1944, the hospital building has been destroyed during the Bombing of Bucharest.

In 1949, a new building has been built for the hospital. The building, although renovated a few times, is still operational today.

In 1960, the building has been substantially modified, and 7 new floors have been added.[2]

Floreasca today[edit]

The hospital has 760 beds for patients. It has multiple operating theaters and has sections for all the major branches of medicine (including psychiatry).

The hospital has been the pioneer for many pilot projects in the field of medicine. It has been one of the first hospitals in Romania to perform robotic surgery on a patient.[3]

Floreasca is also a teaching hospital.

The hospital has one of top cardiology departments in Romania. It has the best electrophysiology department and one of the best interventional cardiology department in Romania. Since 2010, Floreasca Interventional Cardiology Department performs more than 1000 primary PCIs each year to patients coming from about half of Romania's territory. It contributed to a fourfold decrease of mortality in acute myocardial infarction patients in Romania.


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