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Wellesley College Archives. Shakespeare Society members performing A Midsummer Night's Dream in the woods. Florence Converse, 1893 (Puck); Mabel Wells 1896 (Oberon); Caroline Newman, 1893 (Bottom), 1893

Florence Converse (1871–1967) was an American author.


Florence Converse was born in New Orleans in 1871.

She graduated from Wellesley College in 1893 and was a member of the editorial staff of The Churchman from 1900 to 1908, when she joined the staff of the Atlantic Monthly.

She was in a lesbian relationship with Vida Dutton Scudder and they are buried alongside each other at Newton Cemetery, Newton, Massachusetts.[1]


  • Diana Victrix (1897)
  • The Burden of Christopher (1900)
  • Long Will, A Romance (1903)
  • The House of Prayer (1908)
  • A Masque of Sibyls (1910)
  • The Children of Light (1912)
  • The Story of Wellesley (1915)
  • The Blessed Birthday (1917)
  • Garments of Praise (1921)
  • Thy Kingdom Come: A Dream for Easter Even (1921)
  • Santa Conversazione: An All Saints Miracle (1921)
  • The Holy night (1922)
  • The Happy Swan (1925)
  • Into the Void (1926)
  • Sphinx (1931)
  • Efficiency Expert (1934)
  • Collected poems of Florence Converse (1937)
  • The Madman and the Wrecking Crew (Crux Ave, Spes Unica) (1939)
  • Wellesley College, a chronicle of the years 1875-1938 (1939)
  • Prologue to Peace: the Poems of Two Wars (1949)


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