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Florence Elementary School
7902 North 36th Street
Omaha, NE 68112
Type public, elementary school
School district Omaha Public Schools
Principal Mrs. Black (2008-12) Dan Hoeck (2013-present)
Grades K-5
Color(s) Red
Mascot Foxes

The Florence School is located at 7902 North 36th Street in the Florence neighborhood of north Omaha, Nebraska. The first school in the Florence-area was built in what was then called Cutler's Park by Mormon pioneers in the late 1840s. The present-day Florence Elementary School was started in the late 1850s after the town of Florence was founded.[1]


As early as 1868 the Florence School was used as an polling place in Nebraska state elections.[2] A new building was erected in 1889 at the base of the bluff overlooking the Missouri River.[3] In the 1890s, Julia Krisl became one of the first Czech principals in the city of Omaha while at the Florence School.[4] The Florence School building was replaced in 1964.[5] Florence B. Reynolds, a principal at the school in the 1920s, was a published scholar who examined labor relations with teachers.[6]


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