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Peters World Map
  Florence Meridian
Hexadecimal clockface showing Florence time

The Meridian 11°15' East was proposed as prime meridian by Arno Peters in the Peters World Map. The Meridian is the antipode of 168°45' West of Greenwich which runs through the Bering Strait and was proposed as a new date line. On Peters' world map the easternmost part of Asia and Russia is not displayed left of Alaska, as is usually done on Greenwich-centered maps, but on the right side as the rest of Russia and Asia.[citation needed]

The meridian, 11° 15' East of Greenwich traverses the city center of Florence in Italy and therefore is also known as Florence Meridian.

It passes through:

Country City, Country subdivision or other locality
Equatorial Guinea The eastern border of the country is defined as the Meridian 12° East. The Meridian 11°15 East runs through:
Gabon The intersection with the equator is at the east edge of the Abanga-Bigne Department of Moyen-Ogooué Province at 0°0′N 11°15′E / 0.000°N 11.250°E / 0.000; 11.250. This is between Mevang in the province and Ayem in nearby Ogooué-Ivindo.
Republic of the Congo Near Tchimba Lake in Conkouati Reserve, Madingo-Kayes District
None (offshore in the Atlantic Ocean) 50 km west of the mouth of the Cunene River which marks the AngolanNamibian border 17°15′S 11°15′E / 17.250°S 11.250°E / -17.250; 11.250

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