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Florencio Constantino (April 9, 1869 – November 19, 1919) was a Spanish operatic tenor.


He was born as Florencio Constantineau on April 9, 1869 in Ortuella Biscay, Spain. He moved to Argentina in 1889.[1] He had a nervous breakdown and died on November 19, 1919 in Mexico City.[2]


  1. ^ "Florencio Constantino". Retrieved 2010-08-12. He was born Florencio Constantineau in Ortuella, near Bilbao (Basque part of Spain) on April 9, 1869 and finally immigrated to Argentina in 1889. While working as a ship’s engineer he discovered a voice of natural beauty and after a brief period of training with Leopoldo Stiatesi, a student of Lamperti , Constantino made his debut in Bréton’s La Dolores at the Teatro Solis in Montevideo, repeating the role in Buenos Aires at the Teatro Odéon. After spending some year ... 
  2. ^ "Constantino is Dead". Los Angeles Times. November 25, 1919. Retrieved 2010-08-12. Florencio Constantino for many years a great grand opera tenor is dead in Mexico City ... Constantino a son of the singer who is at the Mex ican capital now ... 

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