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Florentina Ioana Mosora
Born 7 January 1940
Died 2 February 1996 (1996-02-03) (aged 56)[1]
Residence Belgium
Nationality Romanian
Citizenship Belgian
Alma mater University of Bucharest
Scientific career
Fields Biophysics

Florentina Ioana Mosora or Florentina Stan-Mosora (7 January 1940 in Cluj, Romania – 2 February 1996 in Liège, Belgium) was a Romanian and Belgian biophysicist. In her earlier years, before 1964, she was a film actress in the Romanian film industry.


Mosora initially had a career in acting and was noted for her role in Dragoste la zero grade ("Love at Zero Degrees", 1964).[2] She also starred in Sub cupola albastră ("Under the Blue Arch", 1962),[3] Post-restant ("Poste Restante", 1961), and Băieţii noştri ("Our Boys", 1959).[3][4] She was a graduate of the University of Bucharest's Faculty of Physics.[5] Later she moved to Belgium, where she worked on the use of stable isotopes in medicine.[1][6] She was awarded the 1979-1981 Prix Agathon de Potter[7] for outstanding research work in physics by the Agathon de Potter Foundation and the Belgian Royal Academy.[8] In 1989 she was one of three scientists co-organizing a NATO workshop on Biomechanical Transport Processes.[9] She died aged 56 in Liège.[1][10]

Selected works[edit]

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