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Flores is a Spanish surname, from the plural of flor ‘flower’.[1]


In Spain, Flores is first found in Asturias, where the Visigothic court took refuge after the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula.[2]

In Italy, the surname's roots can be traced back to Naples around the early 14th century where records show a Flores family receiving land grants in the feudal territories of Persano and Sandionisio.[3]


Spelling variations of this surname also include Florez, Flórez, Floriz, Flóriz, Floraz, Flóraz, Flor, Florán, Floran, Flores and Florián among others.

Variations can also be found in several Florez coat-of-arms designs. The one similar feature many of these designs have in common is the fleur-de-lis, usually on a blue field, though varying in number from three to five, and possibly used in conjunction with other symbols.

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John K. Flores, Louisiana author, outdoor/travel freelance writer.


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