Florey (crater)

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Florey (LOLA).png
Image by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's altimeter (Florey is heavily eroded crater in the center)
Coordinates 87°02′N 19°45′W / 87.04°N 19.75°W / 87.04; -19.75Coordinates: 87°02′N 19°45′W / 87.04°N 19.75°W / 87.04; -19.75
Diameter 69 km
Eponym Howard Florey
Labeled photo showing location of several craters, Florey in the center. (Click to enlarge)

Florey is a lunar impact crater on the lunar near side near the northern pole. Florey is directly adjacent to Byrd crater (diameter of 94 km) to the Southeast and Peary crater (diameter of 73 km) to the North. The crater is named after Australian scientist Howard Florey. The crater was named by the IAU in 2009.[1]


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