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The Florey Lecture was a lecture organised by the Royal Society of London.

List of lecturers[edit]

Year Name Lecture Notes
1982 Huxley, Andrew FieldingAndrew Fielding Huxley Discovery: accident of design?
1983 Fenner, Frank JohnFrank John Fenner Biological control, as exemplified by smallpox eradication and myxomatosis.
1984 Burgen, Arnold Stanley VincentArnold Stanley Vincent Burgen Order and disorder: targets for drug action.
1985 Nossal, Gustav Joseph VictorGustav Joseph Victor Nossal The regulatory biology of antibody formation.
1986 Epstein, Michael AnthonyMichael Anthony Epstein Vaccine prevention of virus-induced human cancers.
1987 Porter, Rodney RobertRodney Robert Porter Corticomotoneuronal projections: synaptic events related to skilled movement.
1988 Gurdon, John BertrandJohn Bertrand Gurdon How an egg makes an embryo: the initiation of cell differentiation.
1989 Basten, AntonyAntony Basten Self-tolerance: the key to autoimmunity.
1990 Nurse, PaulPaul Nurse How is the cell cycle regulated?
1991 Metcalf, DonaldDonald Metcalf The colony stimulating factors: discovery to clinical use.
1992 Pelham, HughHugh Pelham The secretion of protein by cells.