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Florian Pop (2006)

Florian Pop (born in Zalău, Romania) is a Romanian mathematician, a professor of mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Pop received his Ph.D. in 1987[1] and his habilitation in 1991, both from the University of Heidelberg. He has been a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, and (from 1996 to 2003) a professor at the University of Bonn prior to joining the Penn faculty.[2]

Pop's research concerns algebraic geometry, arithmetic geometry, and Galois theory. Kuhlmann, Kuhlmann & Marshall (2003) call his habilitation thesis, concerning the characterization of certain fields by their absolute Galois groups, a "milestone".[3]

In 1996, Pop was awarded the Gay-Lussac–von Humboldt Prize for Mathematics,[4] and in 2003 he was awarded the Romanian Order of Merit.[2] In 2012 he became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.[5]


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