Florian Zeller

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Florian Zeller
Zeller in 2009
Born (1979-06-28) 28 June 1979 (age 37)
Paris, France
Occupation Novelist, Playwright
Nationality French
Genre literary fiction, theatre, librettos
Literary movement Postmodernism
Years active 2002–present

Florian Zeller ([flɔ.ʁjɑ̃ zɛ.le]; born 28 June 1979) is a French novelist and playwright. His work has been translated into many languages. He won the prestigious Prix Interallié in 2004 for his novel La Fascination du Pire ("Fascination of Evil") and several Moliere Awards for his plays. He is, according to The Guardian, "the most exciting new theatre writer of our time".[1]


Zeller wrote his first novel Artificial Snow when he was twenty-two years old. But it was his third novel, Fascination of Evil (the 2004 Prix Interallié winner) which made him a household name in France. The book, which explores the relationship of the West with Islam, caused some controversy. It was selected for the Prix Goncourt.

Zeller is also fast becoming one of France's most well-known contemporary playwrights.

His extraordinary black comedy, "The Father", is one of the outstanding hits of recent years, playing in the West End to ecstatic five star reviews and top listings in the Best Plays of the Year. Kenneth Cranham won the 2016 Olivier Award for Best actor for his role in it.

"The Father" won the 2014 Molière Award for Best Play. The Molieres are considered France's highest theatrical honour.

It also won a Laurence Olivier Awards Nomination and a Tony Awards Nomination for Best Play.

Personal life[edit]

Zeller lives in Paris. He is married to ex-model, actress and sculptor Marine Delterme,[2] who played one of the main roles in the Parisian production of his play 'Le Manège´. They have a son, Roman, born in December 2008.[3]


(and UK/US translations)

  • Neiges artificielles, Flammarion, 2002 - translated as Artificial Snow, Pushkin Press
  • Les Amants du n’importe quoi, Flammarion, 2003 - translated as Lovers or Something Like it', Pushkin Press
  • La Fascination du pire, Flammarion, 2004 (Prix Interallié) - translated as The Fascination of Evil, Pushkin Press
  • Julien Parme, Flammarion, 2006 - translated by William Rodarmor, Other Press
  • La Jouissance, Gallimard, 2012


  • L'Autre - 2004
  • Le Manège - 2005
  • Si tu mourais - 2006 (Prix Jeune Théâtre of the Académie française)
  • Elle t'attend - 2008
  • La Mère - 2010
  • La Vérité - 2011
  • Le Père - 2012
  • Une Heure de tranquillité - 2013 (adapted into the 2014 film Do Not Disturb)
  • Le Mensonge - 2014
  • L'Envers du décor - 2016


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