Florida's 10th congressional district

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Florida's 10th congressional district
Interactive map of district boundaries since January 3, 2023
  Maxwell Frost
Area516[1] sq mi (1,340 km2)
  • 98.67% urban[2]
  • 1.33% rural
Population (2022)766,928[3]
Median household
Cook PVID+14[5]

Florida's 10th congressional district is a congressional district in the U.S. state of Florida. It was reassigned in 2012, effective January 3, 2013, from the Gulf Coast to inland Central Florida. Before 2017, the district included parts of western Orange County, most of Lake County, as well as a northern section of Polk County. The current district is entirely within Orange County, and covers most of its western portion. It is situated along the Interstate 4 corridor. It includes most of the western half of Orlando. Other cities and towns wholly or partly within the district include Apopka, Belle Isle, Beulah, Eatonville, Harlem Heights, Ocoee, Oak Ridge, Orlo Vista, Winter Garden, and Windermere. In 2020, the district was expanded further north and south to include most of Orlando east of Interstate 4, the Baldwin Park area (redevelopment of the former Naval Training Center Orlando), Orlando Executive Airport, Winter Park, that portion of Maitland within Orange County, the Azaela Park, Goldenrod, Rio Pinar and Alafaya/Waterford Lakes areas, and continuing east to the University of Central Florida, Naval Support Activity Orlando, the Central Florida Research Park, and the Lake Pickett, Bithlo and Wedgefield areas. Even with this expansion, the 10th remains a minority majority district.

[6][7][needs update]

It is currently represented by Democrat Maxwell Frost. Due to redistricting after the 2010 census, this district was re-numbered, and slightly reconfigured from the former 8th District. Prior to 2017, it was considered a swing district with a slight Republican tilt. Due to mid-decade redistricting that occurred in 2016, the district became much more compact. It is now considered solidly Democratic.

The former 10th district, during 2003–2012, covered areas further west and encompassed much of Pinellas County, on the Gulf coast of central Florida.

List of members representing the district[edit]

Member Party Years Cong
Electoral history District location
District created January 3, 1963

Sam Gibbons
Democratic January 3, 1963 –
January 3, 1967
Elected in 1962.
Re-elected in 1964.
Redistricted to the 6th district.
[data missing]

J. Herbert Burke
Republican January 3, 1967 –
January 3, 1973
Elected in 1966.
Re-elected in 1968.
Re-elected in 1970.
Redistricted to the 12th district.

Skip Bafalis
(Fort Myers Beach)
Republican January 3, 1973 –
January 3, 1983
Elected in 1972.
Re-elected in 1974.
Re-elected in 1976.
Re-elected in 1978.
Re-elected in 1980.
Retired to run for Governor of Florida.
[data missing]

Andy Ireland
(Winter Park)
Democratic January 3, 1983 –
July 15, 1984
Redistricted from the 8th district and re-elected in 1982.
Changed parties.
Re-elected in 1984.
Re-elected in 1986.
Re-elected in 1988.
Re-elected in 1990.
[data missing]
Republican July 15, 1984 –
January 3, 1993

Bill Young
Republican January 3, 1993 –
January 3, 2013
Redistricted from the 8th district and re-elected in 1992.
Re-elected in 1994.
Re-elected in 1996.
Re-elected in 1998.
Re-elected in 2000.
Re-elected in 2002.
Re-elected in 2004.
Re-elected in 2006.
Re-elected in 2008.
Re-elected in 2010.
Redistricted to the 13th district.
[data missing]

Daniel Webster
Republican January 3, 2013 –
January 3, 2017
Redistricted from the 8th district and re-elected in 2012.
Re-elected in 2014.
Redistricted to the 11th district.

Val Demings
Democratic January 3, 2017 –
January 3, 2023
Elected in 2016.
Re-elected in 2018.
Re-elected in 2020.
Retired to run for U.S. Senator.

Maxwell Frost
Democratic January 3, 2023 –
118th Elected in 2022. 2023–present:
Most of Orlando

Recent election results[edit]


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young 149,606 56.6%
Democratic Party Karen Moffitt 114,809 43.4%
Republican hold


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young (incumbent) Unopposed 100%
Republican hold


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young (incumbent) 114,443 66.6%
Democratic Party Henry Green 57,375 33.4%
Republican hold


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young (incumbent) Unopposed 100%
Republican hold


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young (incumbent) 146,799 75.7%
Natural Law Josette Green 26,908 13.9%
Independent Randy Heine 20,296 10.5%
Republican hold


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young (incumbent) Unopposed 100%
Republican hold


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young (incumbent) 207,052 69.3%
Democratic Party Bob D. Derry 91,568 30.7%
Republican hold


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young (incumbent) 131,301 66%
Democratic Party Samm Simpson 67,285 34%
Republican hold


Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Party Bill Young (incumbent) 182,781 60.7%
Democratic Party Bob Hackworth 118,460 39.3%
Republican hold


Bill Young won re-election over Charlie Justice with 65.9% of the vote.


Due to redistricting, the 8th district was renumbered to become the 10th district. Freshman Republican Daniel Webster sought re-election, and despite the renumbering of the district, would be considered the election's incumbent.

Val Demings, a former Chief of the Orlando Police Department and wife of the Orange County Sheriff, entered the race and won the Democratic nomination.[8] Democrat Alan Grayson, who represented the district from 2009 until 2011, was rumored to be interested in jumping into the mix. However, he ultimately did not enter the race, and instead ran for the open seat of the new 9th district.[9]

On election day, Webster won a fairly narrow 3.4% victory over Demings to secure re-election. Webster slightly underperformed in the district compared to the top of the ticket, where presidential candidate Mitt Romney received 53.4% of the vote.

Florida 10th Congressional District 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Daniel Webster (Incumbent) 164,649 51.7
Democratic Val Demings 153,574 48.3
Write-In Naipaul Seegolam 46 0.0
Total votes 318,269 100.0


Republican incumbent Daniel Webster ran for re-election. His Democratic opponent from 2012, Val Demings, pulled out of a possible re-match to run for Orange County Mayor instead.[10] Ultimately, she pulled out of that race as well.[11] Webster was unopposed in the Republican primary.

On the Democratic side, three candidates faced off in the August 26 primary. The candidates included former Eustis City Commissioner William Ferree,[12] civil rights lawyer and Trayvon Martin family attorney Shayan Modarres, and former Navy Chief Petty Officer Mike McKenna. McKenna, a Walt Disney World security officer (49.9%) won the Democratic primary, and faced Webster in the November general election.[13] McKenna spent only $5,000 on his primary campaign, a fraction of his two opponents.[14]

On July 11, 2014, Florida Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ruled that this district, along with the neighboring minority-access District 5, was drawn to favor Republicans.[15] On August 1, Judge Lewis gave Florida's state legislature an Aug. 15 deadline to submit new congressional maps for those two districts.[16]

In the general election, Webster was a decided favorite, and ran only a few television ads. With very little money in his campaign funds, McKenna ran no ads, instead counting on a grass-roots, "door-to-door" campaign.[17] Webster easily cruised to reelection by a margin of 62% to 38%.[18]


Due to a series of court-ordered re-drawings that made the 10th district substantially more Democratic-leaning, Republican incumbent Daniel Webster announced he would instead run for the open seat of the 11th district.[19] Webster's departure created an open-seat election for the updated 10th District, which immediately drew the interest of multiple Democrats. Val Demings won the primary, and easily won the general election.

Republican primary[edit]

  • Geoff LaGarde[20] withdrew his name from the race on June 24 and endorsed Thuy Lowe for the nomination. Lowe was declared the nominee, and no Republican primary was held.[21]

Democratic primary[edit]

Val Demings won the primary on August 30, 2016.[26]

Primary Election [27]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Val Demings 23,260 57.12
Democratic Geraldine F. Thompson 8,192 20.12
Democratic Bob Poe 6,918 16.99
Democratic Fatima Rita Fahmy 2,349 5.77
Total votes 40,719 100

General election[edit]

Florida's 10th congressional district election, 2016 [28]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Val Demings 198,491 64.87
Republican Thuy Lowe 107,498 35.13
Total votes 305,989 100
Democratic gain from Republican


The 10th district is centered around Orlando and the surrounding suburbs such as Lockhart, Oak Ridge, and Zellwood. Democrat Val Demings, who has represented the district since 2017, was elected with 65% of the vote in 2016. Because no write-in candidates or candidates of other parties filed to run in this district, the Democratic primary is open to all voters.

  • Wade Darius, marketing firm owner
  • Val Demings, incumbent
Democratic primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Val Demings (incumbent) 73,583 75.0
Democratic Wade Darius 24,519 25.0
Total votes 98,102 100.0

Incumbent Val Demings ran unopposed in the general election.


2020 United States House of Representatives elections in Florida
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Val Demings (incumbent) 239,434 63.61%
Republican Vennia Francois 136,889 36.36%
Independent Sufiyah Yasmine (write-in) 74 0.01%
Total votes 376,397 100.0
Democratic hold


2022 United States House of Representatives elections in Florida
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Maxwell Frost 117,955 59.00%
Republican Calvin Wimbish 78,844 39.44%
Independent Jason Holic 2,001 1.00%
Independent Usha Jain 1,110 0.56%
Total votes 199,910 100.0
Democratic hold


Year Office Results
2000 President Gore 51–49%
2004 President Bush 51–49%
2008 President Obama 51–47%
2012 President Obama 60–38%
2016 President Clinton 61–34%
2020 President Biden 62–37%


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28°30′58″N 81°44′28″W / 28.51611°N 81.74111°W / 28.51611; -81.74111