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The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is a state agency of Florida. Its headquarters are in Room 202 in Building 1 of the 1317 Winewood Boulevard complex in Tallahassee. The department provides social services to children, adults, refugees, domestic violence victims, human trafficking victims, the homeless community, child care providers, disabled people, elderly.[1]

The department was created in 1996 when the Florida Legislature split the former Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) into two new departments: DCF and the Florida Department of Health.[2]

Appointed Secretaries[edit]

Kathleen Kearney - 1998–2002

Jerry Regier - 2002–2004

Lucy Hadi - 2004–2006

Bob Butterworth - 2006–2008

George Sheldon - 2008–2011

David Wilkins - 2011–2013

Esther Jacobo - 2013–2014

Mike Carroll - 2014–present

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