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Florida Gators soccer
Florida Gators soccer athletic logo

University University of Florida
Conference SEC
Division Eastern
Location Gainesville, FL
Head Coach Becky Burleigh (21st year)
Stadium James G. Pressly Stadium
(Capacity: 4,500)
Nickname Florida Gators
Colors Blue and Orange


NCAA Tournament Champions
NCAA Tournament Semifinal
1998, 2001
NCAA Tournament Appearances
1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Conference Tournament Champions
1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2012
Conference Regular Season Champions
1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

The Florida Gators women's soccer team represents the University of Florida in the sport of college soccer. The Gators compete in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and the Southeastern Conference (SEC). They play their home games in James G. Pressly Stadium on the university's Gainesville, Florida campus, and are currently led by head coach Becky Burleigh. In the sixteen-year history of the Gators' soccer program, they have won thirteen SEC championships and one NCAA national championship.


Becky Burleigh was named the first head coach of the start-up Florida Gators soccer program on June 28, 1994, and has served as the only head coach in the program's twenty-one-season history.[1] Since the Gators' began play in the fall of 1995, the team has compiled a record of 264–70–23 and a winning percentage of 0.7717, and Burleigh's Gators teams have qualified for the NCAA Tournament thirteen of the last fifteen seasons.[1]

In 1998, in the Gators soccer program's fourth year of existence, the Gators won their first NCAA national title by defeating the defending national champion North Carolina Tar Heels 1–0 in the final game of the tournament.[2] The 1998 Gators finished 26–1, having lost their only match to the same North Carolina team that the Gators defeated in the NCAA championship final.[2] Players from the Gators' 1998 national championship team included All-Americans Erin Baxter, Danielle Fotopoulos and Heather Mitts.[2]

In addition to their 1998 national championship season, the Gators have previously advanced to the NCAA tournament semi-final once (2001), the quarter-finals twice (1996, 2003), and the round of sixteen four times (2006, 2007, 2008, 2012).[3]

The Gators play in the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference.[4] In conference play, the Gators teams have won ten SEC championships, and eight SEC tournament titles, leading all other SEC teams since the Florida soccer team began play in 1995.[5] Most recently, the Gators won the SEC championship (regular season) again in 2010, and qualified for the NCAA women's soccer tournament for the eighth consecutive year. In 2009, the Gators advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament before losing to Oregon State.[6] The Gators finished their 2009 season 8–1–2 in the SEC, and 16–6–2 overall.[3]

All-Americans, Olympians and World Cup players[edit]

In its twenty seasons of play, the Florida soccer program has produced sixteen first-team All-American selections, including Ameera Abdullah, Erin Baxter, Keisha Bell, Stacy Bishop, Melanie Booth, Meredith Flaherty, Danielle Fotopoulos, Stephanie Freeman, Lauren Hyde, Erin Gilhart, Heather Mitts, Adrienne Moreira, Danielle Murphy, Andi Sellers, Abby Wambach and Sarah Yohe.[7]

Former All-American Danielle Fotopoulos was a member of the U.S. National Team (1996–2005), and played for the American FIFA Women's World Cup championship team in (1999).

Two former Gator All-Americans, Abby Wambach and Heather Mitts, were members of the U.S. national team that won the gold medal in women's soccer at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece,[8][9] and Mitts returned to the U.S. team that again won the gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.[9] Both Wambach and Mitts were members of the U.S. runner-up team in the FIFA Women's World Cup team in (2011). Wambach was also a member of the U.S. World Cup team in (2003) and (2007).

Former All-American Melanie Booth has been a member of the Canada National Team since 2001, and was a member of Canada's FIFA Women's World Cup team in (2007).

Former Gator Danielle Murphy played for the England National Team from 1998 to 2003, and was the youngest-ever member of England's FIFA Women's World Cup team.

Abby Wambach, first-team All-SEC (1998–2001), first-team All-American (1999, 2001), all-time Gators scoring leader.

Coaching staff[edit]

Becky Burleigh became the first and only head coach of the Florida Gators soccer program on June 28, 1994. Since then, she has compiled a record of 319–85–27 in fifteen seasons as the Gators' head coach.[1] Prior to coaching at Florida, Burleigh was the head coach at Berry College, where her Lady Fury teams won two NAIA national championships.[10] At Florida and Berry, Burleigh has compiled an overall record of 346–93–29, with a winning percentage of 0.7703.[10] She ranks fourth in total number of wins, and fifth in winning percentage, among all active Division I women's soccer coaches.[10]

Victor Campbell has served as the Gators' associate head coach for the past nine seasons, after serving as an assistant coach for the previous eight seasons.[11] He primarily coaches the forwards and attacking midfielders.[11] Campbell previously was an assistant at Methodist College for seven seasons.[11]

Alan Kirkup is the Gators' assistant coach, joining the team after having previously been the head coach for Southern Methodist University, the University of Maryland and the University of Arkansas.[12] Before he began his U.S. collegiate coaching career, Kirkup was a professional soccer player for Manchester United Football Club.[12]

James G. Pressly Stadium[edit]

The Florida Gators soccer team plays its home games in James G. Pressly Stadium.[13] Pressly Stadium is a dual-purpose facility serving as home to the soccer team and the men's and women's outdoor track & field teams.[13] It is a lighted stadium and has a seating capacity of approximately 4,500.[13] The stadium is named for James G. Pressly, a 1972 alumnus of the University of Florida College of Law, who made a generous contribution to have the facility upgraded for Division I play.[13]

The Gators soccer team also has the exclusive use of a new soccer practice field that was completed as part of the Florida Lacrosse Facility in 2009.[13]

Season records[edit]

NCAA Division I Champions Conference Champions Conference Tournament Champions Division Champions

Season Conference Conference Record Conference Ranking Conference Tournament Results Regular Season Record Final Ranking Post Season Results
Division Overall
1995 SEC 6-1-1 2 2 Auburn
T 0-0 v. Auburn (5-4 Auburn PKs)
14-4-2 NR Did Not Make
1996 SEC 8-0-0 1 1 Lexington
W 2-0 v. Tennessee
W 6-1 v. Auburn
W 3-2 (2OT) v. Arkansas
22-3-0 8 Gainesville
W 7-3 v. NC State
W 5-0 v. Wake Forest
Chapel Hill
L 0-9 v. North Carolina
1997 SEC 7-1-0 1 1 Gainesville
W 6-3 v. Ole Miss
W 3-1 v. Georgia
W 4-2 v. Vanderbilt
20-3-1 9 Gainesville
W 3-2 v. Vanderbilt
Chapel Hill
L 0-5 v. North Carolina
1998 SEC 8-0-0 1 1 Tuscaloosa
W 6-0 v. South Carolina
W 2-0 v. Kentucky
W 2-0 v. Vanderbilt
26-1-0 1 First Round Bye
W 5-1 v. James Madison
W 1-0 v. Northwestern
W 3-1 v. Penn State
W 1-0 v. Santa Clara
W 1-0 v. North Carolina
1999 SEC 9-0-0 1 1 Nashville
W 4-3 v. Arkansas
W 3-0 v. Vanderbilt
W 3-0 v. Ole Miss
21-2-0 10 First Round Bye
L 0-1 v. Hartford
2000 SEC 9-0-0 1 1 Athens
W 4-1 v. Arkansas
W 2-1 v. Kentucky
W 2-0 v. Georgia
16-8-0 19 First Round Bye
L 1-2 v. Florida State
2001 SEC 8-1-0 1 1 Baton Rouge
W 4-0 v. Vanderbilt
W 3-1 v. Kentucky
W 2-1 v. Auburn
21-4-1 4 Gainesville
W 4-0 v. UCF
W 3-0 v. Georgia
W 3-1 v. Clemson
Los Angeles
W 1-0(2OT) v. UCLA
L 2-3 v. Santa Clara
2002 SEC 5-3-0 2 3 Oxford
W 2-1 v. South Carolina
W 2-0 v. LSU
L 1-2(2OT) v. Tennessee
10-10-2 NR Did Not Make
2003 SEC 6-2-1 2 3 Orange Beach
W 3-1 v. Vanderbilt
W 4-1 v. Georgia
T 1-1 v. Tennessee (7-6 Tennessee PKs)
19-4-2 8 Gainesville
W 3-2(2OT) v. UCF
W 4-3 v. Mississippi
W 1-0 v. Tennessee
L 1-2 v. Florida State
2004 SEC 7-2-2 2 3 Auburn
W 2-0 v. Alabama
W 3-0 v. Ole Miss
W 2-1 (2OT) v. Tennessee
16-4-3 21 Gainesville
L 2-3 v. UCF
2005 SEC 8-2-1 2 3 Orange Beach
L 2-1 v. Auburn
13-6-1 20 Gainesville
L 0-1(2OT) v. Illinois
2006 SEC 7-1-3 1 1 Orange Beach
W 4-1 v. Georgia
W 2-0 v. South Carolina
L 1-2 v. Kentucky
14-6-5 10 Milwaukee
W 2-0 v. Loyola
T 0-0 v. Marquette (4-3 Florida PKs)
Los Angeles
L 2-3 v. UCLA
2007 SEC 9-2-0 1 1 Orange Beach
W 4-0 v. Kentucky
W 1-0(2OT) v. LSU
W 4-1 v. Georgia
17-5-3 17 Gainesville
W 3-0 v. Miami
T 0-0 v. UCF (4-3 Florida PKs)
Los Angeles
L 0-1 Southern California
2008 SEC 11-0-0 1 1 Orange Beach
W 2-1 v. Alabama
L 0-3 v. Georgia
19-4-1 10 Gainesville
W 2-1 v. California
W 2-0 v. UCF
L 1-2 v. Texas A&M
2009 SEC 8-1-2 1 1 Orange Beach
W 1-0(2OT) v. Tennessee
L 0-1 v. South Carolina
16-6-2 15 Columbus
W 2-0 v. Illinois State
L 0-1(OT) v. Oregon State
2010 SEC 9-1-1 1 1 Orange Beach
W 5-3 v. Vanderbilt
W 3-1 v. Georgia
W 1-0 v. South Carolina
19-2-3 12 Gainesville
W 3-0 v. Mercer
T 0-0 v. Duke (4-2 Duke PKs)
2011 SEC 7-4-0 4 4 Orange Beach
W 2-0 v. Georgia
W 2-1 v. Alabama
L 2-3 v. Auburn
18-8-0 RV Gainesville
W 3-0 v. FGCU
L 2-3 v. UCF
2012 SEC 11-2-0 1 1 Orange Beach
W 2-1 v. Mississippi
W 3-0 v. Missouri
W 3-0 v. Auburn
14-4-1 Gainesville
W 2-0 v. FGCU
W 1-0 v. UCF
L 0-2 Notre Dame
2013 SEC 9-2-0 1 1 Orange Beach
W 1-0 v. Arkansas
W 2-1 v. Mississippi
L 1-2 v. Texas A&M
15-3-1 Gainesville
W 2-0 v. Jacksonville
L 0-1 Duke
2014 SEC 9-2-0 1 2 Orange Beach
L 1-1 (4-5 pen) v. Tennessee
14-4-0 Gainesville
W 3-0 v. Mercer
W 3-1 UC Berkley
W 3-2 Texas Tech
Palo Alto
L 2-2 (3-4 pen) Stanford
2015 SEC Orange Beach
Total 227-27-11 42-7-3 344-91-28 28-16-4

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