List of county roads in St. Lucie County, Florida

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St. Lucie County, Florida (located in southeast Florida), operates a system of county roads that serve all portions of the county. Most of the county roads are city streets and rural roads.

The numbers and routes of all Florida highways are assigned by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), while county road numbers are assigned by the counties, with guidance from FDOT.[1] North-south routes are generally assigned odd numbers, while east-west routes are generally assigned even numbers.[2]

List of County Roads in St. Lucie County, Florida[edit]

Route Road Name(s) From To Notes
CR 68 Florida Cracker Trail
Orange Avenue
Okeechobee-St. Lucie County Line SRs 713 & 68 former SR 68[3]
CR 603 SR 68 Indian River County line (CR 611) former SR 603[3]
CR 605 Oleander Avenue former SR 605[3]
CR 605 Old Dixie Highway US 1 St. Lucie-Indian River County Line former SR 605[3]
CR 607A Angle Road SR 713 SR 68 former SR 607A[3]
CR 608 St. Lucie Boulevard CR 603 SRs 608 & 615 former SR 608[3]
CR 609 Martin-St. Lucie County Line CR 68 former SR 609[3]
gap north of CR 709
CR 609A former SR 609A[3]
CR 611 Jenkins Road
Edwards Road
former SR 611 (Jenkins Road) and SR 611B (Edwards Road)[3]
CR 611A Juanita Avenue former SR 611A[3]
CR 611B Selvitz Road CR 712 CR 611 former SR 611B[3]
CR 613 CR 709 CR 68 former SR 613[3]
CR 614 SR 713 CR 605 extension of SR 614
CR 615 SR 716 CR 611B extension of SR 615
CR 707 Indian River Drive Martin-St. Lucie County Line US 1 & SR 68 former SR 707[3]
CR 709 CR 611B former SR 709[3]
CR 712 Midway Road SR 70 CR 707 former SR 712[3]
CR 770 Okeechobee Road SR 70 US 1 former SR 70[3]