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Since the opening of the Overseas Highway in 1938, the set of State Roads in Florida, USA, serving the Florida Keys has been a small one. Currently only two such roads designated by Florida Department of Transportation are located on the string of islands in Monroe County, Florida, and only eight other State Roads have been designated, but have since been reverted to Monroe County maintenance (at least two of the former State Roads still have the old SR signs on the edge of their shoulders and it is likely that one of them was never signed).

Current State Roads in the Florida Keys[edit]

State Road A1A: South Roosevelt Boulevard from Bertha Street to the Overseas Highway (US 1) in Key West is the southernmost of seven discontiguous segments of SR A1A in Florida (in fact, it is the southernmost state-designated highway of the contiguous United States). This section of SR A1A is signed only near Key West International Airport and Fort East Martello Museum and Gardens.

State Road 5 is the "hidden" (unsigned) FDOT designation for not only the Overseas Highway, but virtually all of US 1 south of Jacksonville since 1945. Along with Card Sound Road, the Overseas Highway is one of only two roads that enter and exit Monroe County and the Florida Keys. From 1938 to 1945, US 1 carried the designation State Road 4A.

Former State Roads in the Florida Keys[edit]

State Road 5A (now County Road 5A): Flagler Street from First Street to South Roosevelt Boulevard (SR A1A) in Key West. Commercially prepared road maps still indicate incorrectly that CR 5A is still a State Road (when it was, it was not signed as such).

State Road 905 (now County Road 905): a spur from US 1 from Key Largo to the Ocean Reef Club near Grayvik in the northern tip of Largo Key. The southern half of CR 905 was part of the Overseas Highway from 1938 until 1944 (when a fire damaged Card Sound Bridge). Old "State Road S-905" signs are still posted on the edge of the road.

State Road 905A (now County Road 905A) is the Card Sound Bridge and Card Sound Road between the bridge and CR 905 (SR 905A used to extend northward to an intersection with US 1 near Florida City, but Miami-Dade County doesn't sign its county roads and rarely designates them as "County Road ###"). As late as 2005, an old "State Road S-905A" was still posted near the intersection with CR 905.

State Road 931 (now County Road 913): a loop south of US 1 in Marathon on Boot Key and Vaca Key.

State Road 939 (now County Road 939): locally known as Sugarloaf Boulevard and Old State Road, CR 939 forms a loop south of US 1 on Sugarloaf Key. The western terminus is in Perky; the road follows the contour of the island as it turns around Upper Sugarloaf Sound.

State Road 939A was a spur south of U.S. Route 1 from Lower Sugarloaf Key, travelling southeast on the island as Sugarloaf Boulevard to end at old State Road 4A and State Road 939B. The SR 939A symbol still exists on modern maps.[1]

State Road 939B was a spur south of U.S. Route 1 from Sugarloaf Key, travelling south through Pirate's Cove and west on the island to end at old State Road 4A and State Road 939B. The SR 939B symbol still exists on modern maps.[2]

State Road 940 (northern segment now County Road 940): Big Pine Avenue and Elma Avenue on Big Pine Key. This is the only State Road – current or former – that has segments on both sides of the Overseas Highway. A street extending eastward from Big Pine Avenue onto No Name Key is locally known as State Road 4A (see "State Road 5", above). Much of Big Pine Avenue is located in National Key Deer Refuge.

State Road 941 (now County Road 941): a spur south of US 1 from Big Coppitt Key and El Chico, travelling southwest on Bird Key and Geiger Key to end at the Key West Naval Air Station on Boca Chica Key.

State Road 942 signs have been placed on at least two streets at different times. Both were spurs southward from US 1:

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