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Florida State University School
3000 School House Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32331
United States
Coordinates 30°23′05″N 84°13′22″W / 30.384708°N 84.222788°W / 30.384708; -84.222788Coordinates: 30°23′05″N 84°13′22″W / 30.384708°N 84.222788°W / 30.384708; -84.222788
Type Laboratory school
Established 1855
Principal Michelle Peddie (6–12)
Angela Wills (K–5)
Campus Director Stacy Chambers
Grades K–12
Enrollment 1,700
Team name Demons (until 1995)
Affiliation Florida State University College of Education

Florida State University School (FSUS) is a laboratory school located in Tallahassee, Florida, United States. It is sponsored by Florida State University and works in close collaboration with the Florida State University College of Education. The school is often referred to as Florida High School, or "Florida High", though it actually serves grades kindergarten through 12th.


The school was founded in 1857 as the Primary Department of the Florida Institute, and from 1954 until 2001, was located on the FSU campus. However, the university's interest in building a medical school at Florida High's location necessitated the school moving off campus. In 2001, the new Florida High building in Southwood was opened.

Relationship with FSU[edit]

FSUS is sponsored by Florida State University and is a demonstration school for the FSU College of Education, which is used for exploring teaching techniques as well as being an education center where teachers may observe and participate in best teacher practices; and a vehicle for the dissemination of research findings. FSUS and the FSU College of Education collaborate for research, observations, etc. as well as Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, and Florida A&M University.

After the school's relocation to Southwood, there was some consideration of the school severing its ties with the university. However, that proposal was rejected by Florida High's faculty.

Student body[edit]

Florida High has approximately 1700 students that represent Florida's population demographics. The school has programs in the academics, as well as art, foreign language, and athletic programs.


In the spring of 2007, Florida High's girls basketball team defeated Parkway High School to win the 3A State Championship. During the fall of 2007, Florida High's football team posted a perfect regular season record including a 40-0 shutout of Leon County High School, the oldest and largest high school in Tallahassee. The nickname of the teams were the "demons" prior to 1995. They were renamed to the Seminoles after the Florida State Seminoles.

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