Florida Student Association

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Florida Student Association
Motto My Florida. My Future.
Established 1976
Type Student Association
Location Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Affiliations The State University System of Florida
Website Official website

The Florida Student Association (FSA) is a non-partisan statewide organization of university students formed in 1976 to represent the interests of students of the State University System of Florida. It is composed of all member Student Body Presidents and their respective staffs from the participating state universities.

Florida law mandates that the Florida Student Association Chairman must be a member of the Florida Board of Governors. This represents an important shift from the operation of the previous university governing body, the Florida Board of Regents, to which the state Governor would select a student member (although Governors had historically given great weight to the FSA's recommendation in filling the seat).

FSA coordinates the collective efforts of each of the member student governments with a goal of providing unified student representation before the Florida Government. FSA holds monthly meetings where student leaders can interact with their peers from other institutions, and it maintains a full-time staff in Tallahassee.

FSA was a driving force to create the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan. In 1985, FSA asked key state legislators to review the Michigan Tuition plan and to sponsor one designed for the State of Florida. With the lobbying efforts of the student government presidents, David Corry, FSA Executive Director and Shari Caprara, FSA Legislative Director, the Florida House & Senate legislators developed the bill and ultimately passed it. The Florida Governor signed the law and hundreds of thousands students have obtained college degrees via the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan. Most of their parents and grandparents purchased the plans with their children/grandchildren were toddlers.

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