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The Florida Third District Court of Appeal is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Its ten judges have jurisdiction over cases arising from Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.


The Third District Court of Appeal (DCA) was one of the first three DCAs created by the Florida legislature in 1957. Court was first held in a room of the University of Miami School of Law. Then, from 1960 to 1976, court sessions took place at the State Office Building. It wasn't until 1976 that the court finally had its own facility to conduct its business. This courthouse was dedicated by Governor Reubin Askew in the fall of 1976. In 1990 an addition was added to keep pace with the court's continued growth. The courthouse has won the recognition of the American Institute of Architects (South Florida Chapter) and in 1981 Governor Bob Graham gave the court the Governor's Design Award.

The court's original three judges (Charles A. Carroll, Mallory H. Horton and Tillman Pearson) have increased to ten as of 2010.

Chief Judges[edit]

Judges who have served as Chief Judge of the Third DCA include:[1]

Active Judges[edit]

Judges serving on the Third DCA as of July 1, 2017 include:[2]

Name Tenure Appointing Governor
Kevin Emas - Chief Judge 2010– Charlie Crist
Vance E. Salter 2007– Charlie Crist
Ivan F. Fernandez 2011– Rick Scott
Thomas Logue 2012– Rick Scott
Edwin A. Scales, III 2013– Rick Scott
Norma S. Lindsey 2017– Rick Scott
Bronwyn C. Miller 2018– Rick Scott
Eric Wm. Hendon 2018– Rick Scott
Monica Gordo 2019– Ron DeSantis
Fleur J. Lobree 2019– Ron DeSantis

Retired Judges[edit]

Judges who have served on the Third DCA include:

Name Tenure Comments
Charles A. Carroll (1957–1974)
Mallory H. Horton (1957–1965)
Tillman Pearson (1957–1980)
Thomas H. Barkdull, Jr. (1961–1996)
Norman Hendry (1961–1988)
Richard H.M. Swann (1965–1972)
Robert M. Haverfield (1972–1980)
Raymond G. Nathan (1974–1978)
Phillip A. Hubbart (1977–1996 )
James W. Kehoe (1977–1979)
Alan R. Schwartz (1978–2004)
Joseph Nesbitt (1979–1999)
Natalie Baskin (1980–1996)
Daniel S. Pearson (1980–1989)
Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. (1980–1993)
James R. Jorgenson (1981–2003)
David L. Levy (1989–2006)
Mario P. Goderich (1990–2005)
Melvia B. Green (1994–2008)
John G. Fletcher (1996–2007)
Robert L. Shevin (1996–2005)
Rodolfo Sorondo, Jr. (1997–2002)
Gerald B. Cope, Jr. (1988–2010)
David M. Gersten (1989–2011)
Linda Ann Wells (2003–2017)
Frank A. Shepherd (2003–2017)
Leslie B. Rothenberg (2005–2018)
Richard Suarez (2005–2018)

The Florida Third District Court of Appeal Nominating Commission[edit]

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