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'Florin Popenţiu Vlădicescu' ( Born, September 1950, in Bucharest) is Professor of Software Engineering.


He was an associated Professor at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest and since the academic year of 1997/98, he has been appointed as "UNESCO professor"[1] at City University, London. Before that, he was a visiting professor at a number of renowned European technical universities such as the ENST- Telecom ParisTech [2], the ETH-Zurich or Technical University of Denmark. Prof. Florin POPENTIU VLÃDICESCU has published over 100 papers in International Journals and Conference Proceedings and is co-author of 4 books.

He has worked for many years on problems associated with software reliability and has been Co-Director of two NATO research projects involving collaboration with partner institutions throughout Europe. He is on advisory board of several international journals, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Theory & Applications [3] and Microelectronics and Reliability [4] . He is reviewer for ACM Computing Reviews [5], IJCSIS [6], and Associated Editor to IJICT [7] .

Also he is a member of ENBIS [8], IEE, IEEE and IEEE Communications Society. Dr. Florin POPENTIU has been elected Fellow of the Academy of Romanian Scientists [9] in 2008. He is EU Expert for H2020 [10] and ALL EU Programme [11] . His Research ID is E-5787-2010 [12]. Also in 2009 he has been nominated UNESCO Expert [13] in the field of Higher Education, Research and Knowledge.

Prof. Florin POPENTIU VLÃDICESCU is currently Visiting Professor at "ParisTech"[14] which includes the "Grandes Ecoles", The ATHENS Programme[], where he teaches courses on Software Reliability [15] . He also lectures on Software Reliability at International Master of Science in Computer Systems Engineering - Technical University of Denmark [16] .

Charitable Activities[edit]

Professor Florin POPENTIU VLÃDICESCU is Chairman of the following Charitable Trusts:Academie des Arts "Elena Teodorini[17], "Elena Teodorini" Academy of Arts and Sciences - London [18] and "Elena Teodorini" Foundation-Bucharest [19]


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