Floris (film)

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Film poster Floris.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Jean van de Velde
Written by Gerard Soeteman
Starring Michiel Huisman
Birgit Schuurman
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)
Country Netherlands
Language Dutch

Floris is a 2004 Dutch film, directed by Jean van de Velde and starring Michiel Huisman as grandson of the original Floris from the 1969 TV series. The new side-kick is "Pi", played by popstar Birgit Schuurman. In the film some of the 1969 footage with Rutger Hauer and Bergman is included. Originally Hauer was asked to play the father of young Floris, but he declined. The film was shot in 2003.

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