Floris Nollet

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Floris Nollet
Born16 September 1794
Died11 January 1853 (1853-01-12) (aged 58)
Nollet's Generator.

Floris Nollet (16 September 1794 – 11 January 1853) was a Belgian physicist, engineer, inventor.

Nollet was a grandnephew of Jean-Antoine Nollet. He became professor of physics at the École Militaire in Brussels. He also founded the British-French company Société de l'Alliance.

Nollet designed plans for large-scale generators for the galvanization industry, for limelight, and for electric arcs, an improvement on the work of Hippolyte Pixii. His magneto-electric generator design for decomposing water by electrolysis using steam power was patented in England in 1850.