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Country Germany
States Bavaria
Physical characteristics
Main source northwest of Türkheim, east of Gerum (Rammingen)
588 m (1,929 ft) above sea level
48°4′40″N 10°36′19″E / 48.07778°N 10.60528°E / 48.07778; 10.60528
River mouth north of Hasberg in the Mindel
522 m (1,713 ft) above sea level
48°12′36″N 10°26′31″E / 48.21000°N 10.44194°E / 48.21000; 10.44194Coordinates: 48°12′36″N 10°26′31″E / 48.21000°N 10.44194°E / 48.21000; 10.44194
Length 21.9 km (13.6 mi) [1]
Basin features
Progression MindelDanubeBlack Sea

Flossach is a 21.9 km (13.6 mi) long river in Bavaria, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Mindel and an indirect right tributary of the Danube.


The Flossach rises near the village of Gerum, northwest of Türkheim at an elevation of 588 m (1,929 ft). It flows in a northwesterly direction through a broad valley, formed during the last glacial times. The 14.5 km (9.0 mi) long Weissbach flows parallel to the Flossach in the same valley. Approximately 900 m (3,000 ft) below the mouth of the brook Wörth, the Flossach divides into two branches. The main Flossach branch flows through the towns of Tussenhausen and Zaisertshofen; the other branch (called the Lettenbach or Lehnbachof) flows through Mattsiesmühle (north of Mattsies) and along the Mindelheim-Mattsies airfield. Just before joining the Mindel at an elevation of 522 m (1,713 ft), the Flossbach flows through the district of Günzburg and forms the border between Unterallgäu and Günzburg counties.

Places in the Flossach Valley[edit]

  • Gerum (Rammingen )
  • Mattsies and Mattsiesmühle (Tussenhausen )
  • Tussenhausen
  • Zaisertshofen (Tussenhausen )

Towns along the Flossach[edit]

  • Salgen (located on the Eastern Mindel)
  • Mörgen (Eppishausen)
  • Bronnen (Salgen, located on the Eastern Mindel)
  • Spöck (Kirchheim in Schwaben)
  • Bronnerlehe (Salgen, located on the Eastern Mindel)
  • Diepenhofen (Kirchheim in Schwaben)
  • Kirchheim in Schwaben
  • Dern (Kirchheim in Schwaben)
  • Hasberg (Kirchheim in Schwaben, located on the Mindel)

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