Flourless chocolate cake

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Flourless chocolate cake
Flourless Chocolate Cake with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream.jpg
Flourless chocolate cake with bourbon vanilla ice cream
Type Cake
Course Dessert
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A flourless chocolate cake is a type of cake made from an aerated chocolate custard. It is prepared with a whole egg foam in a manner similar to a Génoise cake, using low heat from the melted chocolate to stabilize the protein matrix (which contains only the starch naturally present in the chocolate) and then baked in a bain-marie. While traditionally considered a restaurant-style dessert, flourless chocolate cake is also popular for gluten-free diets.

A similar cake with little or no flour in which the egg matrix is allowed to collapse is known as "fallen" or "molten" chocolate cake and was popularized by, among others, Jean-Georges Vongerichten's restaurants.

Torta caprese, originating from the Italian island of Capri, is a traditional flourless chocolate cake popular in that region.

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