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Single by Kumi Koda
from the album Best: First Things
Released August 10, 2005 (JP)
Format CD
Genre R&B
Length 18:21
Label Rhythm Zone
RZCD-45270 (Japan, CD)
Writer(s) Yoshi, y@suo ohtani
Kumi Koda singles chronology

"Flower," (stylized as flower) is Kumi Koda's 17th domestic single. Flower was written as the theme song for the novel Koibana (恋バナ / Love Story) and also used in the television advertisement for the novel.[1] The lyrics were written by the author of Koibana, Yoshi. This was also the first domestic single released by Kumi Koda that was not accompanied by a promotional music video. It reached #4 on the weekly Oricon Chart.[2]


flower is Japanese singer-songwriter Kumi Koda's seventeenth single. The song was a pop ballad and was her first single to not have a corresponding music video. It peaked at #4 on the Oricon charts, despite not having a music video, and remained on the charts for ten weeks.

The single was released after her success of Butterfly, which had charted at #2. The song was used as the theme song to the novel Koibana, written by Yoshi. Yoshi had also written the lyrics to the song, reflecting the meaning of the story.

The song would be placed on the corresponding album, Best ~first things~, still omitting a music video. Kumi would perform this song during the encore for her Live Tour 2005 ~first things~.[3]


Upon its release, the song received positive reviews.

North American fans gave the song a positive review, calling the song "great" and Kumi's vocals "superb." Phunin said that the song suited Kumi, but how "you expect better vocals." Jae, however, called the song "beautiful" and how "the music [was] gorgeous."[4]

Japanese fans also gave the song a positive review. ts5 praised Kumi's "strong voice" and the "perfect love song." EM called the song a "rare ballad" with a song that "stayed in your ears."[5]

Track Listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "flower" Yoshi y@suo ohtani 4:43
2. "flower ~acoustic version~" Yoshi y@suo ohtani • tasuku 4:30
3. "flower" (Instrumental)   y@suo ohtani 4:41
4. "flower ~acoustic version~" (Instrumental)   y@suo ohtani • tasuku 4:27

Chart history[edit]

Oricon 2005 Singles Top 999[edit]

Chart position: #165


First week estimate: 36,859 Total estimate: 106,099


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