Flowery Mound

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Flowery Mound
Flowery Mound is located in Louisiana
Flowery Mound
Location within Louisiana today
Location Saint Joseph, LouisianaTensas Parish, Louisiana USA
Region Tensas Parish, Louisiana
Coordinates 31°56′26.9″N 91°16′16.6″W / 31.940806°N 91.271278°W / 31.940806; -91.271278
Founded 950 CE
Abandoned 1541 CE
Cultures Plaquemine culture, Mississippian culture
Site notes
Responsible body: private

Flowery Mound is an archaeological site in Tensas Parish, Louisiana with components from the Late Coles Creek and Plaquemine-Mississippian culture which dates from approximately 950–1541.[1]


The site is located on Andrews Bayou. The mound itself is a very well preserved platform mound measuring 10 feet (3.0 m) in height and 165 feet (50 m) by 130 feet (40 m) at its base and a summit measuring 50 feet (15 m) square. Core samples taken during investigations at the site have revealed the mound was built in a single stage and because the fill types can still be differentiated it suggests the mound is relatively young. Radiocarbon dating of charcoal found in a midden under the mound reveals that the site was occupied from 996–1162 during the Coles Creek period. The mound was built over the midden between 1200–1541 during the Plaquemine/Mississippian period. This was further confirmed by stylistic analysis of pottery found at the site.[1]

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