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Floyd Fest Enter.jpg
The entrance to FloydFest
GenreVarious: rock, bluegrass, reggae, folk, Yiddish, Cajun, or Zydeco, African, Appalachian, world music, etc.
Location(s)Blue Ridge Mountains
Floyd, Virginia
Years active2002-present

FloydFest is a world music and arts festival held annually near Floyd, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The event began in 2002, and spans five days each year with on-site camping and multiple stages featuring rock, bluegrass, reggae, folk, Yiddish, Cajun, or Zydeco, African, Appalachian, and world music performers.

In addition to music, the festival features local arts and crafts, dance workshops, morning yoga lessons, story telling, poetry readings, and a "Children's Universe" tent.

Each year, FloydFest features a theme:

  • 2002: Floyd County World Music Festival
  • 2003: Out Of This World Music
  • 2004: Midsummer's Dream
  • 2005: Rock of Ages
  • 2006: Roots Alive
  • 2007: It's in the Mix
  • 2008: Family Affair
  • 2009: Revival
  • 2010: Breaking Ground
  • 2011: The eXperience
  • 2012: Lovers Rock
  • 2013: Rise & Shine
  • 2014: Revolutionary
  • 2015: Fire on the Mountain
  • 2016: Dreamweavin'
  • 2017: Freedom
  • 2018: Wild


Each of the following sections has a list of notable performers for that year.

2002: Floyd County World Music Festival[edit]

2003: Out Of This World Music[edit]

2004: Midsummer's Dream[edit]

2005: Rock of Ages[edit]

2006: Roots Alive[edit]

2007: It's in the Mix[edit]

2009: Revival[edit]

2010: Breaking Ground[edit]

2012: Lovers Rock[edit]

2013: Rise & Shine[edit]

2014: Revolutionary[edit]

2015: Fire on the Mountain[edit]

2016: Dreamweavin'[edit]

2017: Freedom[edit]



Voted "Best Large Music Venue in Southwestern Virginia" by Virginia Living

FloydFest '04

"Some larger festivals boast a similar peace, love and music philosophy, but Floyd actually lives it, not just for one weekend, but throughout the entire year."[2]

FloydFest '05

"Floyd sits in a timeless, beautiful section of Virginia, far enough from bigger cities like Roanoke and Danville to feel like it's truly in the middle of nowhere."[3]

"The only thing constant on the festival grounds was the flow of culturally powerful music and mud covered feet."[4]

FloydFest '08

"Floydfest is an epicenter of culture for Southwest Virginia" - VA Senator, Mark Warner[citation needed]


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