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1920 photograph of one of the two school buildings on Fifth Street, which served Juneau for most of the first half of the 20th century before newer school buildings were constructed. Houses of Chicken Ridge sit atop the hill behind the school.
Thunder Mountain High School dominates the lower left of this 2010 aerial view of the Mendenhall Valley.

The Juneau School District (sometimes referred to as the Juneau Borough School District) is a school district in Juneau, Alaska. Its office is located in Downtown Juneau.[1]

The Juneau School District's total enrollment sits around 5,500 students.[2]


Elementary (primary)[edit]

  • Auke Bay Elementary School[3]
  • Gastineau Community School[4]
  • Glacier Valley Elementary School[5]
  • Harborview Elementary School[6]
  • Riverbend Elementary School[7]
  • Juneau Community Charter School[8]
  • Mendenhall River Community School[9]

Middle schools (junior high)[edit]

  • Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School[10]
  • Floyd Dryden Middle School[11]

High schools (secondary)[edit]

Special programs[edit]


  • Gastineau Community School is also known as Gastineau Elementary School. The school is called Gastineau Elementary School on the list of schools located on the district website[1] and called Gastineau Community School by the school website.[2]

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