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Origin San Diego, California, United States
Genres Punk rock
Pop punk
Years active 1992–2000
Labels Headhunter
Honest Don's
Associated acts Olivelawn, Reeve Oliver
Past members O (Otis Barthoulameu)
Jonny Donhowe
Miles Gillett
Josh Higgins

Fluf (stylized as fluf) is a punk rock band formed in San Diego in 1992.


O (Otis Barthoulameu - vocals, guitar) and Jonny Donhowe (bass guitar) formed the band after their previous band, Olivelawn, split up, recruiting drummer Miles Gillett.[1] After several seven-inch singles (including a cover version of PJ Harvey's "Sheela Na Gig"), the band's debut album was released in 1993. Generally known as Mangravy, each physical format had a different title.[1][2][3] A second album followed in 1994 (Home Improvements, also released on vinyl as Whitey on the Moon and on cassette as Stocking the Lake With Brown Trout),[3] and in 1996 Donhowe left, to be replaced by Josh Higgins.[1] This line-up recorded their major label (MCA) debut Waikiki (1997) and Road Rage (1998), with a final album-length EP, I Know I'm Nobody released in 2000.



  • Mangravy (LP) aka Compact Disc is Weak (CD)/Shooting Putty at the Moon (cassette)/Wasting Seed (10" LP) (1993), Headhunter
  • Home Improvements (CD) aka Whitey on the Moon (LP)/Stocking the Lake With Brown Trout (cassette) (1994), Headhunter
  • Waikiki (1997), Headhunter/MCA
  • Road Rage (1998), Honest Don's
  • The Classic Years (1995), Headhunter
  • Super Mixer; A Goldenrod Compilation (1996), Goldenrod


  • Wasting Seed (1992), Headhunter Records hed 020
  • Moody As The Day Is Young! (1994), Goldenrod
  • I Know I'm Nobody (2000), Cold Steel Facts


  • Garbage Truck (1992), Sympathy for the Record Industry
  • "Sheela Na Gig" / "Song In D" (1993), Goldenrod
  • Split single with Further "Lobster Tree" / "She Lives by the Castle 2" (1993) First Strike Records
  • "24-7 Years" (1994), Silver Girl
  • "Skyrocket" (1994), Headhunter
  • "Tried" / "Clueless" (1994) Headhunter HED032
  • Split single with J Church (1996), Goldenrod: "Assmunch"


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