Flugabwehrraketengeschwader 1

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Flugabwehrraketengeschwader 1
— III —
FlaRakG 1.jpg
Country Germany
BranchRoundel of the German Air Force (with Border).svg German Air Force
TypeSurface-to-air missile wing
RoleAnti-aircraft warfare
Part ofLuftwaffentruppenkommando
EquipmentFormerly: Bofors 40 mm, MIM-23 Hawk
Present: MIM-104 Patriot, MANTIS, Wiesel 2 Ozelot
WebsiteOfficial website
Colonel Bernd Stöckmann
Missile launcher of a Patriot surface-to-air missile system of the German Air Force

Flugabwehrraketengeschwader 1 (Air Defence Missile Wing 1) or (FlaRakG 1) "Schleswig-Holstein" is a unit of the German Air Force based in Stadum and Husum, Northern Germany. The wing is equipped with the Patriot air defense missile system.


The unit was established in 1959 as Air Defense Regiment 3 in Essen and was equipped with Bofors 40 mm guns. The same year the unit transferred to Bocholt. In 1960, the unit transferred to Osnabrück. In 1965 the MIM-23 Hawk air defense missile system was introduced and the unit was renamed Air Defense Missile Regiment 3 "Krummenort" and moved to near Rendsburg. In 1967, the unit transferred to Heide. It was renamed Air Defence Missile Command 1 in 1989 and in 1993 reclassified as an air missile wing. Beginning in 1994, the wing moved to its present locations. The HAWK weapons system was deactivated in 2001.[1]

On 1 January 2011, Air Defence Missile Wing 1 took formal responsibility of the short-range protection system MANTIS. To operate this weapons system, the air force called into service an additional anti-aircraft group at Husum on 1 April 2011.[2]

Air Defence Missile Wing 1 was given the honorary name "Schleswig-Holstein" in 1989 and is currently part of the Air Forces's 4th Air Division.

Based on the agreement between Germany and The Netherlands signed in 2013, this unit will be integrated in The Netherlands ground-based Air Defence Organisation as part of the close cooperation between both countries from 2016 onwards.


Air Defence Missile Wing 1 utilises the Patriot air defense missile weapon system to engage in anti-aircraft warfare against aircraft and ballistic missiles.


Air Defence Missile Wing 1 consists of four groups:[3]

  • Air Defence Missile Group 21 (Flugabwehrraketengruppe 21) based at Sanitz
  • Air Defence Missile Group 24 (Flugabwehrraketengruppe 24) based at Bad Sülze
  • Air Defence Missile Group 26 (Flugabwehrraketengruppe 26) based at Husum
  • Air Defence Missile Group 61 (Flugabwehrraketengruppe 61) based at Todendorf


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