Flugausstellung Hermeskeil

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Flugausstellung Hermeskeil
Aerial photograph of the museum
Established 1973
Location Hermeskeil
Type Aviation museum
Website http://www.flugausstellung.de/

The Flugausstellung Hermeskeil is a private aviation museum in the town of Hermeskeil in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Opening in July 1973 in several buildings with a covered area of over 3,600 square metres, the museum today is home to over 100 civilian and military aircraft and helicopters displayed on a 76,000 square metre (18.8 acre) site. The museum is open from April to October.


Sukhoi Su-22, MiG 23 and two MiG 21s.

The museum's collection includes:


Hermeskeil is on the Hunsrück Road near the Reinfeld exit of Bundesautobahn 1 (Koblenz towards Saarbrücken).

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